The insidiousness of the sun's rays and salty sea water is well known: filling the body with vivacity and vitality, they at the same time drain and thin the skin. Biotherm introduces new sunscreens in the popular Aqua-Gelée range: surprisingly gentle emulsions for the face with SPF 15 and 30 factors. Light creams are not medicated, leave a sticky layer on the skin and retain their protective properties even during bathing. Exclusive technology Sun Sea Wind Repair provides a complete barrier to harmful effects of UV radiation, salt and wind. Moisturizing particles in the Sanskrin saturate the skin with moisture, vitamin E softens it, and the Phytocomplex Life Plankton - nourishes and restores.

When using Aqua-Gelée Solaire products, the skin looks healthier and dense

Complement the series Aqua-Gelée Solaire moisturizing autobronzant - for lovers of safe sunburn. Toning whey not only gives the skin a charming golden hue - it also intensively moisturizes the upper layers of the dermis, eliminating dryness and peeling. The fluid formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and pearlescent particles enveloping the skin with a shimmering solar veil.

Aqua-Gelée Autobronzante: radiant tan without any harm

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