All girls regardless of age want to be attractive and well-groomed - this is their nature. Usually by the age of 50, every woman knows all about her features and what hairdos go to her. Nevertheless, in search of new discoveries, it is sometimes interesting to find out what others are doing, for example, with the same oval face as you.

Photos of haircuts for women 50 years old with round face

For women after 45 and older, the fashion dictates its own rules and conditions, respecting which it is easy to look at least solid. Sometimes the usual successful haircut will allow you to lose almost ten years.

But all the same, rules are rules and it is better not to ignore them. For example, this - adult ladies who want to visually narrow their round face, do not go open-haired hairstyles with a comb back. They only emphasize the imperfection of forms, increase the width of the oval and weight it. The best option - long and medium graded haircuts with a light texture bangs. These can be varieties of such popular hairstyles as quads, beans or cascades.

As can be seen from the photo, flowing layers of hair or short stylish strands perfectly distract attention from unpleasant age changes.

Haircuts for round face: the before and after photos

The selection of an ideal hairstyle for a full face often becomes a real problem, causing her owner to have uncertainty about herself, an occasion to think about plastic surgery. But do not hurry, for a start, better understand everything. Typical features of round forms are:

  • the same width of the cheekbones and cheeks
  • the wide border of the forehead
  • full cheeks
  • shapeless smooth chin
  • the height and width of the oval have almost no differences, why it might seem flat.

To correct the errors of nature, we must work on ourselves. For example, try to give outlines more elongated lines or to distract attention from the wide cheekbones. In this woman will help various tricks, through which you can profitably present too prominent moments. Moreover, even make them your highlight. Such methods include:

  • oblique milled bangs
  • hair length below the chin level
  • lush and voluminous crowns;
  • sharp, asymmetrical angles
  • layered step hairstyles for medium length hair.

To have a visual idea of ​​how the shape of the face varies before and after a well-chosen haircut, compare for example the photos of popular actresses who are over 40.

Contrast is obvious. A hairstyle, matched with taste, turns flaws into advantages.

Video, how to choose the right haircut for a round face:

2016 haircuts for round face

Fashion trends that are observed in the modern haircuts of 2016, can be generalized:

  • boldly stylish, the protruding strands to lay
  • casually falling long or short to the middle of the forehead bangs
  • volume womens haircut with a short nape and long bangs
  • Bob and asymmetry in all forms, regardless of the length of the hair
  • oblique prowls, covered whiskey and ears;
  • heterogeneous staining darkening at the roots, or other effects to get the amount due to the play of light, which is especially important for owners of thin hair.

Haircuts that suit owners of fine hair

Most of the famous beauties, strangely enough, have thin natural hair. The presence of taste, intuition, the services of make-up artists and stylists and various caregivers are gradually doing their job. And here an important role is given to unusual methods of staining, trimming techniques and styling, which by force to change the opinion of others about their density, will give a magnificent shine and volume.

The best models of haircuts for such women are cascade, ladder, Bob-kar.

As for the moon-faced girls, for them this task is complicated by features of their proportions. The perfect solution is asymmetric short haircut with a fluffy laying on top of and aligned with the strands at your temples. When the outlines of the boundaries of the forehead can emphasize their beauty, you can do without bangs. Well, if the line of the cheeks too round, you can cover them with stylish pieces.

Haircuts for long hair and a round face

In general, the rules of good taste require women with the approach of the fifth dozen to cut too long hair roughly to the shoulders, so as not to look like an aging mermaid. But that was before. Today, women have learned to look young, which means that this gap can be pushed back for another 10 years.

Beautiful curly hair to the waist is an image that raves both in 18 and 50. A full round face in this case is an ideal opportunity to experiment with moderate romantic curls or haircuts with cascade and ladder elements, elegant retro-style hairstyles.

And here too, you can not do without staining. The technique of coloring and highlighting will help lengthen the oval and add extra volume.

The best option in this case is considered to be a cascade, then a long bean and an asymmetric square.

In conclusion, it should be said that men consider "lunolik" beauties very pretty and attractive, but they are still more visible from the outside.

A cat's oval with a skillful make-up actually looks extremely tempting and at the same time innocent. Proof of this is the unfading beauty of the Italian actress Ornella Mutti, who managed to remain an icon of style for several decades.