Green-eyed beauties are always in the spotlight, because in nature this color is not as common. It is formed of brown and pale yellow shades in a variety of concentrations. And bright green is found mainly among the representatives of Northern Europe, in other regions distributed more muted tones.

How to choose hair color for green eyes?

Green eyes have a magnetic effect on others, no wonder most Zelenovka girls called fatal. However, you can enhance the natural beauty, if you choose the right hair color that will shade the eyes. To change the hue of the locks today is not difficult, there are safe paints, toning tonic, you can resort to this procedure as coloring.

However, the color of the strands should be possible to focus on the eye shade. In nature there exists a great multitude. So:

  • Dark green eyes. Sometimes they can be confused with brown, as brown dominates the enzyme. However, if you look good (especially in the sun), you will see a greenish glow. For hazel eyes will be harmonious all the varieties of blond, brown, frosty chestnut.
  • Light green. In the evening light become darker and more like grey. To them great mocha, and a variety of bright colors: Golden, blond, wheat.
  • Green-blue. They are best set off by light and medium brown, caramel, the color of milk chocolate. Welcome and bright tone. For example, copper-red.
  • Swamp or brown-green. A versatile eye color that looks great in any tandem. Fair-skinned ladies can choose chocolate, beige, and wheat colors. For red will suit dark brown, copper, Golden shades.

Knowing how to choose the right shade of hair, you can create an unforgettable image that inspires the imagination of others.

Shades of red hair color for green eyes

Traditionally, holders of green eyes appear in our imagination rygelski. But there are millions of red shades. Which one to choose? Here you need to pay attention to the skin tone and define your color type. Only considering all these details, it is possible to achieve naturalness and harmony:

  • Spring color type. It is treated the girls with light skin with peach or Golden sheen. They may have freckles. Often from nature such young ladies – blondes. If they decide to change natural color, it is better to choose honey. Will look good brown with a Golden sheen. You should pay attention to any light shades with a reddish undertone.
  • Summer color type. Such holders green eyes have light olive or pale pink skin. On the nature of their blonde curls. Them very well being a ginger, especially if it has a Burgundy or purple undertone.
  • The autumn color type. Green eyes lady combined with bronze, light beige skin with a yellowish sheen. They have the hair red. A great option for them is to make more saturated your natural color. For this we need to use the paint on 1-2 shades darker. You can choose Golden or brown. But ash varieties is taboo. They give the skin a sickly appearance.
  • Winter color type. So the green eyes of peculiar brightness. They contrast sharply with proteins. Strands of nature – dark brown or blue-black. Light skin with a bluish undertone. Those who decided to become a redhead, should choose shades of red with blue tint, will fit cold chestnut, mahogany, Burgund.

To determine the red tint is easy if you consider the laws of color type.

Beautiful hair color for green eyes

The girls who dream to create an image where all the elements look organic, it is necessary to listen to the advice of stylists. They believe that not even any at first glance the color of the curls can blend perfectly with green eyes. Cannot be called the most beautiful color, but you can select the ones that will look great. For example:

  • Black. It is believed that it adds to the biological age a few years. This opinion was formed because black ruthlessly highlights all the imperfections. But they disguise using makeup. But this version emphasizes the full depth of the green eyes, giving them a resemblance to precious stones. Especially look good black hair color Raven.5
  • A platinum blond. This species is also considered a threat. There is a perception that platinum gives the face a deathly pallor. Stylists believe that if your skin tone is pale with a pinkish tinge, platinum blonde can't hurt. On the contrary, it will emphasize the iridescence and translucency greenish eyes, adds to the image a touch of romance and naivety.6

Hair color for green eyes photo

In fact, combined greenish eyes with different shades of hair, you can estimate by looking at the photo.

Classic red and green.

One of the common variants – dark-brown curls and green eyes.

The most dangerous combination of black strands with green eyes actually looks very nice.

And this blonde with the green eyes: a striking and chic contrast.

Hair color 2016: photos for green eyes

Ladies who keep their fingers on the pulse of life, always know what is the most trendy color in the new season. What gave us the 2016? Of chloropid gout fly can rejoice. In the trend today, copper.

Also got the popular strawberry blonde. It features delicate pink shades. Owner hazel eyes can easily choose dark color, it will look as natural as possible.

Find your color and enjoy life. And ideas for a suitable makeup can be borrowed from the video.