Summer is the time of sleepless nights, event-packed days, trips and parties. Such an intense rhythm does not always allow the skin to recover naturally - it begins to lose moisture, becomes dry and irritated. In the case of an emergency, an "ambulance" from Clarins will come to the rescue - a set of three intense boosters designed to effectively deal with skin problems. Novelties enhance the effect of the usual creams, serums, sprays and masks, reducing the beauty-ritual up to several minutes. What is needed for an active lifestyle.

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Booster Energy with ginseng extract stimulates cellular processes, giving the skin a maximum charge of natural energy, toning and reducing visible signs of fatigue. The result is a healthy glow and youthful appearance.

Energy - for tired skin

Repair concentrate with mimosa Elixir Tenuiflora prevents the appearance of "wrinkles of stress", eliminates the feeling of discomfort, flaking and redness.

Repair helps to restore weakened skin

Detox booster with green coffee extract levels the tone and improves the skin turgor, cleanses the deep layers of the dermis from toxins and saturates the cells with useful substances.

Detox restores health to the skin, suffering from a hard mode