Resort vacation – the best time for creativity. This also applies to hair: new haircut can completely transform the appearance, adding an unusual note in a familiar style. Oribe offers versatile styling collection that allows you to experiment with hairstyles without harming the hair. Three products of this line contain an exclusive Oribe Signature Complex, consisting of plant extracts of lychee, Edelweiss flower and watermelon. The complex protects hair from harmful environmental factors and photo-aging, but also prevents the loss of melanin and keratin. Contained in the product oil and moisturizing particles misleading hair a healthy glow and elasticity.

Promophoto, the styling of the new products in Instagram brand

Advertising campaign Tailor Made Oribe Texture

With the Waves lotion Matte Texture to easily create on-trend hairstyle this summer is the natural "Beachy" waves and casually laid the spit. Wax medium hold Styling Star Glow is designed for smooth hairstyles, high pony tails, slicked back curls and geometric haircuts. It securely locks strands, giving them a dazzling "mirror" Shine. Light cream AirStyle Flexible Finish with satin finish fabric gently smoothes the hair, not gluing them.

Matte Texture Lotion Waves – relaxing beach images

Wet styling wax Styling Star Glow

Mousse AirStyle Flexible Finish for elegant hairstyles