Siberian husky or, as is often said, just husky popular these days breed of dog. Huskies are smart, kind and very beautiful — this causes them to be today's role as companion dogs and show dogs. Read more about what is a breed of dogs. tell the country of the Soviets.

The Siberian husky was bred by the tribes of the North as a sled dog: huskies were used for transportation of small cargoes over relatively short distances. Lived Siberian husky right along with the people, but because their nature is very gentle, not aggressive.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Siberian Husky breed almost completely disappeared. The fact that a registration authority Northern breeds in the USSR, the Siberian husky was not included because it was not big enough for transporting heavy loads. This led to the fact that for 40 years this breed was almost gone, and only thanks to several people who shipped the Siberian husky in the United States to participate in the Alaskan race, those of the Chukchi sled dogs were saved.

Today representatives of the breed the Siberian husky are divided into 3 groups: working, racing and show dogs. Working huskies are the most rare. they have preserved a large part of the qualities of the first bred dogs of this breed. Working huskies are no different beautiful exterior and high speed, but they are incredibly tough. In our time the "real" work for husky is not, and the kind of work for these dogs is getting involved in the sled, on which ride the tourists.

Racing huskies are moving quickly from workers are more short fur. Each kennel owners themselves determine the quality of the husky racing is more important. So, if husky race in teams of 2-4 dogs, they need to be large enough, and for racing in teams of 6 or more dogs will approach a husky smaller.

Show dog husky most beautiful, they are very graceful. Husky exhibition differs from other groups shortened muzzle — that it gives the dog a pretty appearance. True, such an exterior feature that makes the exhibition Siberian husky more vulnerable to the cold: the dog inhaled the frosty air does not have time to warm up, and the dog can get sick.

Dog breed husky in our days suitable even for apartment contents. These dogs get along well with children, are playful, friendly. Because of the characteristics of the breed husky of them don't work no guard, no security, no service or hunting dogs. Husky is best suited to the role of dogs.

Husky need constant motor activity. but because they need a lot of walking. Useful for these dogs, outdoor games, e.g., Frisbee. Need Siberian husky also "charging for the mind" and therefore with them it is necessary to hold regular classes in obedience.

Care breed of dogs is fairly simple. By nature huskies are very neat, their hair and skin have an unpleasant smell. When the housing contents moulting husky expressed little special care so their coat does not require: just enough to comb out the undercoat, in order to facilitate the shedding process.

The power of the husky dog is important. Siberian huskies, like many other Northern breeds need higher protein and fat in your diet, and therefore food, whether prepared or homemade, should definitely fill all the needs of a husky in these nutrients. It should be remembered that the breed husky mixed feeding is contraindicated, and therefore it is necessary to decide whether the dog is feed store-bought or homemade food.

When natural feeding as a source of protein for dogs a good beef. you can also give the rabbit, chicken, Turkey. Not very often you can give offal: liver, heart, kidneys. Useful for husky is a fish, but it definitely should be cleaned from bones, extremely fresh.

If the meat and meat products shall be in the ration of the husky 60-70%, 20-30 percent should come from plant foods. You can give the husky cooked vegetables such as pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage, carrots. Periodically you can give the dogs of this breed also cereals and dairy products.

Siberian husky — loyal and faithful friend, who will be happy to give their love, caring owners. If you decide to make themselves husky, try to observe all the basic rules of the contents of this breed, and your pet will live a long, happy life.