The eve of new year's morning performances in kindergartens and schools "hot" it is time for parents of girls. For a short time they will have to solve many important issues, such as selection of Christmas costumes and shoes, a selection of accessories and original hairstyles. And if the first points can be quickly determined at the nearest clothing store, with the selection of hairstyles is possible great namuchalsya. First, it must be in harmony with the image as a whole. Secondly, new year's hairstyle should not be difficult to implement and inconvenient to wear. And thirdly, it must be fashionable and can be combined with accessories such as a tiara or crown. All of these important criteria correspond to hairstyles for girls for New year with their hands out today's selection of master classes with photos and videos. In it you will find a stylish and beautiful options for girls 7-9 and 10-12 years with short, medium and long hair. These are the most simple in execution and incredibly beautiful kids hairstyles will make your baby the brightest star in the matinee in honor of the New 2017!

How to make hairstyle for girls for New year 2017 with their hands on short hair, photos

At first glance, girls with short hair do not have many beautiful hair styles for the New Year, which could be made by themselves. Most often, on short hair, holiday arrangements are made with a curling iron or curler. Next, you are invited to step-by-step photos and master classes, how to make a hairstyle for a girl with short hair for the New Year with her own hands. We are sure that they will turn your idea about the limitations of holiday options for short hair.

Option Christmas styling short hair for girl 7-9 years

  1. First of all we offer master very simple but spectacular hair type braids-the waterfall. To do this, separate a strand of hair from the side and divide it into 2 equal parts.
  2. Each part of the strands arrange in a tight harness, as shown in the photo below.
  3. Then put a flagellum on the other, cross-legged.
  4. Next, separate a small strand from the top little scroll in her harness and put it between two main strands, fold.
  5. Next, repeat the previous paragraph, moving from the top down to about the nape of the neck. Focus on the density and length of hair and desired effect. In the end, secure with a clear hair elastic and Bobby pins.

Option hairstyles for girls 10-12 years old with short hair

  1. This romantic and simple styling are perfect for girls with quads. The first case is detachable two small strands in front and took them back. Connect them with a rubber band.
  2. Then take a narrow strand on the side and plants her inside of ponytail. Repeat with the rest of the hair on the temples and go to the other side. Your hair, fix the rubber band in the tail.
  3. Slightly pull out the strands to make hair more volume. The free ends of the curl on the Curling iron and combed with your fingers. In conclusion, fix the styling for the New year 2017 varnish.

Beautiful hairstyles for New year 2017 for girls with their hands on the medium hair, photos

The average length of hair allows you to create more original and beautiful hairstyles for the New Year 2017 with your own hands for girls of different ages. The most popular options are based on the volume of tail, beams, braids. Master classes of beautiful hairstyles for the New Year for girls with their own hands on medium hair, which you will find further, are just such trend variants.

Beautiful styling for the New year 2017 for girl 7-9 years medium length hair

  1. Very simple, but original holiday hairstyle based on the tails that can be done in literally 5 minutes. First you need to divide the hair into 3 identical tail.
  2. Each tail in half, turn inside and fix a thin elastic band.
  3. Then raise each tail and fix it with pins, forming a sloppy bun.
  4. At the end sprinkle laying varnish and decorate a tiara.

Original hairstyle with tail for girls 10-12 years old with their hands

  1. Divide the hair into two parts, separating the upper sections and fixing them with a rubber band in the tail. The lower part of the hair saleteam into a tight braid.
  2. Take the braid and odletem her tail.
  3. Fix the wiring of the braid in place with Bobby pins and hairpins.
  4. Add a bright barrette or flower. Also, this simple hairstyle can be decorated with a diadem or crown. Optionally, the tips of the tail can be curled in ringlets.

Original versions of hairstyles for girls with long hair for New year, photos and videos

The most complexities with choosing a hairstyle for the New Year arise in long-haired ladies. Judge for yourself, a huge number of original hairstyles for the New Year for long hair with their own hands makes girls think about which one to prefer. In addition, festive laying on long locks takes much more time and effort than hairstyles for short and medium hair. However, the originality of hair styles for girls for the New Year 2017 with long hair more than compensates for these shortcomings. Moreover, thanks to accessories, for example, diadems or crowns, you can easily change the New Year's image for the morning performance in the kindergarten or school.

Romantic hairstyle for the New year 2017 for girl 7-9 years

  1. The first version of the festive styling is perfect for a romantic image for the New year, for example, Cinderella or Princess. First, gather hair in a low side ponytail and fix with a rubber band. Can be pre-treated hair leave-in liquid conditioner so they don't pushilis and remained smooth. Detachable top wide strand and zaplatim it in a braid.
  2. The braid must be tight and dense. Gently start to turn the braid into a spiral, as shown in the photo below.
  3. After the braid will be completely transformed into a spiral, fix it with pins, and the tip was hidden under the tail.
  4. The tips of the tail curl with a Curling iron. Fix laying varnish.

Children's elegant hairstyle for 10-12 years in the New year with their hands

  1. At the heart of this elegant hairstyle in the beam, but not normal, and a variant with a woven braid. Thanks to this styling looks very delicate, sophisticated and perfect for the holiday parties at school. Now, divide hair into two sections – a small section at the top and the main tail, as pictured below.
  2. From every part of the detachable thin strand of hair, blend one strand to another, tightly pressed.
  3. Then separate one thin strand from the main of the tail and begin to weave a normal braid. Gradually woven strands with the upper and lower tails. It turns out a circular braid forming the beam.
  4. Depleted pigtail to the end. Hide the end under the base of the bun and fix with Bobby pins. Be sure to evenly distribute the hair so the bun was just nice and neat.
  5. In the end, fix hair lacquer. Optionally, you can decorate the setting with flowers or the crown.