How beautiful to lay your hair in the fall? The hairstyle should be simple, practical and elegant. But at the same time it should not be damaged by hats and hoods, sharp gusts of wind and high humidity. Stylists recommend a simple and ingenious move - curls, tucked under collars or accessories. Smoothly combed or carelessly whipped strands under the throats of warm sweaters, voluminous scarves or scarves look cute and touching, giving the look of enchanting femininity. Another undoubted advantage is the possibility of creating a natural volume: the hair is raised at the roots and sprinkled with the fixative spray. Long curls can be slightly curled, laying soft waves from the temples, and short - to fill the ears, hiding the tips under the high collar-rack.

"Hidden" under the clothes of hair was first presented at the autumn shows of ADEAM and BCBG by Max Azria in 2015

Irina Sheik and Kendall Jenner demonstrate the popular autumn laying

This hairstyle is universal: it is organic as in kezhual-outfits, and as an unusual accent evening image. In this season, any experiments are allowed - hair can be filled under the neck of open neckline, turn-down collars, necklace-chokers, necklaces, ribbons and narrow scarves.

Hair as a stylish decoration: Chanel

Variants of packing for straight and curly ringlets