Graceful and unbelievably beautiful black cats at different times, give people a kind of horror and fear, reverence and respect. Now black cats are just very popular. But best of all, compared to other cats stands out British black.

On the territory of the British cats of various colors came in the days of the Roman Empire. But purebred British Shorthair cats appeared only in the 80-ies of the XIX century. Later, the black British began to interbreed with Persian cats to give them the best qualities of wool and character. Those black British cats that we see now are the fruits of the long work of breeders. That's why the British black is famous for its unusually beautiful coat and complaisant character.

Black British cat is squat animal, with thick and massive legs. The head of the cat is round and large. The ears of cats are small and elegant, while the eyes should be large and almost round. The standards stipulate that British cats of black color should have only yellow or golden eyes. Also, a rich copper color is allowed. An orange shade in the color of the cat's eyes should not be. Also, there should be no inclusions of green color. Green eyes are inherent only to black and black cats. The paw pads and the nose mirror also have a rich black color that fits the shade of the coat.

On wool black British you can tell a lot. Wool black Briton has a unique charcoal shade. which in color can only be compared with soot. There are also a few other shades of black, for example black smoke. But still many people try to get a coal-black British kitty.

British black Shorthair cat differs from other specimens by the quality of wool. Due to its undercoat, which also has a deep-rich black color the cat has very thick hair .

The coat of the cat should not be any white or just bright hair. The cat must be completely black. In this case, the breeders first of all pay attention to uniform color of the wool along its entire length. Only if all conditions are met, this cat can be considered an exhibition.

There is a certain lack of breed, which is thatbritish black kittens have brownish coat color. which can last up to 6-7 months of age. Only when the kitten grows up and has a wool, like an adult animal, can we talk about the color of the cat.

To be certain not to miscalculate the color of the animal, it is not recommended to mix black cats with the British other colors. Such experiments can badly affect the coat color. Therefore, the less Brits the other colors in pedigree cats, the better will be the color of its coat.

But the fact that black British is not recommended to breed with cats of other colors, does not mean that you cannot do it. Only because the black cats breeders managed to bring such colours as blue. brown, purple. Also to improve the standards of the breed often crossed with the British black Persian cat. But this is done only on the condition that in the future long-haired kittens will not participate in the breeding of the breed. Kittens, of course, are selling like ordinary cats.

And now a little about the nature of black British Shorthair. The British black is distinguished by its sweet nature and high activity. They are very friendly and affectionate cats. They are completely non-aggressive and always calm, unless it comes to food. Also, the cat is undemanding in care.