The winter decorative collection from Isadora pleasantly surprises with unexpected minimalism amid the colorful pre-holiday extravaganza. In contrast to the novelties of the beauty industry sparkling with gold and silver, a series of Black \u0026 White make-up The Monochrome Look suggests recalling the elegant laconism. Calm elegance of black and white color enliven the daring accents of scarlet - simple and stylish.

An example of make-up in the style of Isadora The Monochrome Look

Compact powder is designed to create an irreproachable tone: it aligns the relief, mats the skin and envelops it with a radiant veil. Waterproof mascara will give eyelashes a magnificent bend, and soft pencils will help to execute arrows of any complexity. Cream kayals have increased resistance - they are not smeared and do not lose the brightness of the hue even after a few hours.

Collection tools for quick daily makeup

Star-product collection - a limited palette for eye makeup, which includes twelve pigments in a smoky gray-plum range. Shadows easily layered and stewed, creating gentle shimmering color transitions.

Shadows with velvety and satin finish - for a spectacular smokey

Matte lipstick in dark cherry and ash-pink shades - the perfect final touch of the image. The trio of nail polish repeats the principle of monochromism: a white shimmer, a black "mirror" and a scarlet gloss.

Promo Photo of the ruler Isadora Black \u0026 White The Monochrome Look