The subtlety of make-up technology from Ernest Muntaniol - the make-up artist Chanel - will help achieve an ideal result in a short time. This manual is for those who are looking for easy ways: with dozens of tubes and bottles, the road to a couple of tested products.

Elegant femininity: Secrets of the house Chanel

Humidification - the more intense, the better, especially in the winter. Slightly moist skin - a pledge of perfectly smooth and natural tone, without "teardrops" and dark areas.

Daytime serums and fluids - for instant moisturizing

A magnificent duet for daily use - a light foundation and a corrector. The first one should be applied with a broad brush or a wet sponge - wide smooth movements. The second - pointwise, gentle touches: it corrects the skin of the infraorbital zone and eyelids, refreshing the look and removing signs of fatigue.

Beauty Blender is a godsend for a quick makeover

Pencil instead of liner and liner - an excellent method, which saves valuable time. Cream texture does not require much effort to create arrows, and a soft finish makes it possible to delicately shade the line, performing a natural version of smokey.

Pencil - an excellent alternative to liners and kayalam

The final touch is the application of mascara. It is important to remember the simple rule: dyeing the eyelashes is the first step in creating a dramatic make-up and the last one in everyday make-up. A saturated coal-black pigment can easily be "printed" on the eyelids, spoiling a complex smokey - you have to start all over again.

Learning to dye your eyelashes correctly