New Year's party - an excellent occasion to boast of beauty of hair and perfected skills of the hairdresser. This year we propose to forget about traditional ringlets or smooth strands - in favor of graceful designs of complex braids and whimsically laid up curls.

Miniature flowers and buds - a bright accent of solemn folds

Stylists share cunning: sprays and mousse-fixatives should be applied to still damp hair - so the strands will be more docile and smooth. After that - to dry a shock of curls hair dryer at the mark Cold and only then start combing. Such a sequence of actions will provide hair with lively shine and help to avoid the visited tips.

Hairstyles with open-work braids on long hair

Now you can experiment with styling. Particular attention should be paid to multi-strand braiding - this technique will effectively decorate the evening hairstyle. One or several braids can be weaved into a mass of wavy ringlets, to form an elegant bundle or an openwork "crown".

High hairstyles with bulk beams

Well, for those who do not have time for complex laying, we give an easy lifhak: the strands must be wound into tight curls, using a curl or a curling paper. Curl slightly beaten, giving them a volume, folded into bundles and lay, fastened with studs and thin gum-invisibility.

Styling of curls: a simple and beautiful solution for hair of any length