A ribbon or fabric hoop is the best solution for an evening hairstyle. It is suitable for any hair length, easy to apply and - most importantly - instantly adds elegance to even the most simple haircut.

Hairstyle with a bandage - a classic evening fashion

Styling for short hair with a bandage takes only a few minutes. Strands should be combed in random order, sprinkle with a light spray-fixer and hands to give them the desired shape and volume. Then just fix the ribbon on the hair the way fantasy tells.

Ribbons in short hair - beautiful and original

Curls of medium length should be pulled out by ironing, or, on the contrary, to form soft waves with a curl, then - to tuck individual strands in the form of rollers and tuck them under an elastic bandage. This version of the Greek hairstyle looks unusually elegant and feminine.

Greek styling with a bandage will emphasize the oval face

Owners of long hair can afford any whims - multi-row weaves, bundles and voluminous structures of braids and beams using bandages. If there is no time for complex laying, simply decorate curled locks with a beautiful ribbon or a hoop.

Bandages - a good accessory for long curls