Despite its name, the Tibetan Terrier does not apply to Terriers. A name given to this dog by European travellers in Tibet, where these dogs were reminded of Terriers from their homeland. Let's talk more about what is a breed of dog the Tibetan Terrier.

Tibetan Terrier - an ancient breed of dogs, the exact origin of which is unknown.Initially, the Tibetan Terriers lived in monasteries, performing the role of watchmen of the temples. Monks revered these dogs as sacred animals.

In Europe, Tibetan Terriers were in the 20-ies of XX century, when Indian Princess who treated her gave Dr. Greig a pair of Tibetan Terriers. He brought them with him to his home in Britain, where they became founders of the European line of the breed. Officially, the Tibetan Terrier breed was recognized in 1934 .

The Tibetan Terrier is a dog of medium size. The height at the withers is 35-40 cm (in males, the bitches are slightly smaller), weight - 8-13 kg. Tibetan terriers are characterized by a compact and muscular body of square format, strong neck, straight back, short, slightly convex loin, even croup. They have strong limbs with large round paws and a high set tail of medium length, thrown over their back with a large ring and covered with long thick hair.

The head of the Tibetan Terrier is medium in size in proportion to body. The skull is slightly convex with a sharp transition from forehead to muzzle. These dogs have a strong muzzle and well-developed lower jaw. The nose of the nose is black, the big round eyes are dark brown. Small ears of a triangular shape are set high enough and hang, loosely snuggling to the head.

The Tibetan Terrier has a long and fine wool with a soft, short, fine and dense undercoat. Wool should not fall into cords, nor be silky. It can be straight or wavy, but not curly. On the lower jaw of Tibetan terrier beard, ears are covered with long hair, eyes are covered with overhanging locks.

The coat color may be different. for example, white, yellow (shades from cream to Golden), smoky or gray, black, two -, or three-color. Golden color is the most rare. Unwanted colors are reddish brown and chocolate.

Early Tibetan Terriers were used as herding dogs, they now mostly perform the role guard dogs and companion dogs. These are very hardy, brave and energetic dogs, funny, tireless and intelligent.

The Tibetan Terrier has an independent nature and sometimes can be quite stubborn, however he is very gentle with children and is infinitely loyal to his master. But outsiders are incredulous, although they never show aggression towards them.

Usually Tibetan Terriers get along good with other Pets. but some dogs of this breed are jealous, so you can not know in advance how a Tibetan terrier will get along with other animals in the house.

The Tibetan Terrier is quite capable of living in a city apartment, but he needs enough exercise on walks. Grooming the Tibetan Terrier requires regular combing hair  (at least once a week, but more often). Tibetan terriers comb through the growth of hair, starting from the tips and gently approaching the roots. Wool can be slightly moistened, this makes it more elastic and facilitates combing.

Very messy hair comb is not pre — the dog should be washed with a special shampoo. It is best not to apply shampoo directly on fur. but dilute it in water and wash the dog with these soapy solutions.

Also Tibetan Terriers need regular cleaning eyes and ears. clipping of the claws and cutting off the wool between the paw pads.

Tibetan Terrier — friendly dog with a wonderful character. which can become an excellent companion for you and a friend for your children.