Color cover and Negative Space – a new classic nail industry. Does this mean that traditional French manicures have to go into the shadows? Not at all. Stylists clarify: the jacket does not disappear from the fashion horizon it is "reset", merging with the current nail trends. It turns out interesting, fresh and cheerful.

Source of inspiration: the examples of nail art from beauty masters in Instagram

Geometric jacket – a great alternative to the usual design. The technique is simple: after they are completely dry lacquer on your nail tips, apply them along the strip of a different color and cover finish. So you can decorate the nail hole, and even lined in contrasting themselves "half moons" on the nails, creating a truly "rainbow" pattern.

Colorful French from Naomi Yasuda @naominailsnyc

French Ombre. Design will require some patience, but the result is worth it. For work, use cosmetic sponge with close shades of lacquer or a thin soft brush to gently feather pigments. Varnishes and gels should be applied under the hole of his tunic, seeking gradient transitions. They will be pronounced or almost invisible – you decide.

Black and white French Ombre from Cassandre Marie (@cassmariebeauty) and @sohotrightnail

Fancy shining French. The trend in "metallic" remains unchanged in the coming year – so glitter, gold casting, foil, varnishes, holographic and "gasoline" effect is still at the peak of popularity. Brilliant jacket looks spectacular and attracts admiring attention, but due to the sleek design remains elegant and quite versatile.

Shimmering designs from @paintboxnails and @sohotrightnail