Beauty-brand Artdeco had a reason to release the release of its spring collection for Valentine's Day: a gentle Hypnotic Blossom - a find to create a romantic image. The collection, inspired by the watercolor charm of the garden awakening from the winter sleep, flickers with noble pink and azure hues.

Promo photo Hypnotic Blossom in social networks

Six matte monotones symbolize an early thaw: pale, deliberately "washed out" blue, purple and peach tones delicately lie on the eyelids with a light haze, giving the youthful glow to the gaze. A set of shadows in sticks with a compact tube Eye Designer Refill contains a tiny shimmer that can be applied over the main color. Coral-pink cream blush complements the shadows, creating light accents on cheekbones and apple cheeks. Another nice surprise from Artdeco is a special pigment storage case, decorated with bright floral patterns.

Means of Hypnotic Blossom for an exquisite make-up

Contrasting accents for the spring smokey will be added by a duo of pencil-cayals - in shades of ivory and woody moss. Soft texture allows creating graphic arrows and it is easy to shade them. Limited Color \u0026 Mascara Mascara with a comfortable brush is designed for perfect separation and dyeing of the eyelashes.

Hypnotic Blossom for a feminine lady

Line of lipsticks Artdeco complemented immediately with six powder novelties in the pink-scarlet palette. The products perfectly care for the skin of the lips, and also provide a colorful and resistant coating. Lovers of classic lipsticks should pay attention to duets Hypnotic Blossom Perfect - spectacular bright Mat and elegant muted Color. Pastel manicure with varnishes Art Couture - the final touch of romantic make-up.

Advertising campaign Artdeco Hypnotic Blossom