If your dog suddenly begins to limp, this symptom is in any case impossible to ignore, thinking: "I guess, hurt her paw, over time it will sort itself out". Claudication can be a symptom of arthritis is joint disease. What is a arthritis in dogs.

First, let's say that arthritis is not a specific disease, and a generic term for various joint diseases{!LANG-d558b2f7170a4e1bd6481ab09edf1ff9!}


Another form of arthritis rheumatoid arthritis{!LANG-0d079d278ed391a3862e1c222b0a5c91!}

Acute traumatic arthritis{!LANG-cad545a7b2628611ac138a36f2c8427f!}

Idiopathic arthritis{!LANG-0c68ee775949e51c86d0f758678491cb!}

Finally, the most rare form of arthritis in dogs — medicinal arthritis. it is a reaction to some vaccines and medicines. Meets extremely infrequently and in any case is not a reason to abandon vaccination.

Arthritis in dogs causes them much suffering, so it is very important to recognize the disease at an early stage, in time to begin treatment. Limp the dog starts as soon as the disease progresses, there are more early the symptoms of arthritis :

  • the dog became less active, gets tired quickly on walks, games be less fun
  • after resting, the dog can get to her feet
  • the dog was harder to walk up the stairs to get in the car or on the couch.


How to treat arthritis in dogs? The right treatment can be prescribed only by a vet after the type and cause of arthritis. Usually the treatment of arthritis in dogs include the appointment non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs){!LANG-860d03dddf75f7a494891bcc59cfdb47!}

{!LANG-7ca3b746935574d2916bd557a48e039e!}special exercises, therapeutic massage and diet{!LANG-d2edafaea45c6591e8efabfbca3b5cc3!}

For dogs with arthritis important moderate exercise. which should be distributed evenly (so, it is better to walk the dog several times a day, but little by little, than to bring her on one long walk). If you have slippery floors, you need recovery time pet to lay his carpet or rug.

When purulent infectious arthritis may need surgery{!LANG-ef098daa51d0b566f0989e0a4866b773!}

Arthritis in dogs is a disease that in any case it is impossible to neglect{!LANG-e84a039d04871cb611b164fd0fb8b9aa!}