TV/FM tuners allow you to watch on your computer TV and listen to radio. With TV tuner on computer it is possible at any time to watch your favorite TV series or talk show, a football match or news of the day. How to choose a TV tuner for your computer?

{!LANG-ec44a3c054f77cc230b415cf4e5450d4!}Almost all modern TV tuners are equipped with receivers also FM radio.

To select the TV tuner, you should be familiar with the basic characteristics of these devices. First, different TV tuners on the standards of the taken television signal. So, in the conditions of Russian reality the television has several standards.

  • terrestrial and cable analog TV broadcasting SECAM (Soviet standard), PAL (European standard)
  • terrestrial digital TV broadcasting DVB-T (European standard)
  • cable digital TV broadcasting DVB-C (European standard)
  • satellite digital TV broadcasting DVB-S (European standard).

Therefore, to select the TV tuner for computer{!LANG-ed8c489128518d6d413954d28f8698e2!}

By way of connecting to the computer TV tuners are divided into internal and external. Internal TV tuners set in one of the connectors of the motherboard: PCI or PCI-E. PCI-E Connector may be absent on motherboards older models, so older computers will suit TV tuners with a connection to the PCI connector.

External TV tuners most often connect to the computer via USB interface{!LANG-4da89a6cf9d8d6dc2dd1e38412053ed8!}

There is a separate group of external TV tuners that connect directly to the monitor.{!LANG-bbd7e8a013d00c30bc9e7e76f6b9a8fb!}

TV tuners during operation, uses the PC resources, so important compatibility of this device with your computer operating system{!LANG-73b972808e9c3d300d25dce84f2dd2fe!}


Remote control{!LANG-b36d5692063f5dbc63da5891229bf7a4!}