Today vector graphics editor you may need to many of us: someone who is interested in design, and someone decided to try their hand at building. But to buy for their "children's amusements" of expensive licensed software such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, do not really want.

Free vector editor Inkscape  - that's a worthy alternative to paid programs.

To begin with, let us recall what isvector graphics  and why do we need vector editors at all? Simplistically, the vector graphic format stores data a little differently than raster formats: while the raster file is a fixed-size matrix consisting of dots, the vector file stores only descriptive information about objects (points, lines, splines and polygons).

When using vector graphics reduces the final file size, which is important when publishing images on the web. Besides, SVG is the main standard used in vector graphics, – allows you to scale images without losing quality (no wonder the acronym SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics — scalable vector graphics). So vector files lend themselves well to compression. and vector images are universal in application: you can apply them even on a cup, even on a street billboard.

Free vector editor Inkscape is functionally similar to known paid editors (already mentioned CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator ). Inkscape supports many features such as SVG shapes, paths, text, markers, clones, alpha channel, transformations, gradients, textures and grouping. This makes it a very convenient and powerful tool for creating images that are fully compatible with the standards XML, SVG and CSS.

Inkscape is used to develop logos, business cards, posters, to create technical illustrations, for web graphics.  Among features of the editor Inkscape it is possible to allocate the following:

  • the presence of familiar tools graphical editors, such as "rectangle", "ellipse", "selection", "zoom", "Bezier paths", "text", "gradient", "dropper" etc.
  • the tool "parallelepiped" with the ability to easily edit to create parallelepipeds in the future
  • tool calligraphic pen supports tilt and touch of the stylus when working with a graphics tablet for a serious calligraphic works
  • the ability of the analytical curves are given
  • editor the XML document, allowing you to access is not supported in the GUI settings
  • support for logical operations with objects.

Free vector editor Inkscape works with Windows operating systems and Linux. It makes Inkscape is very convenient.

Inkscape is constantly being improved and refined - fans of this editor are working on it. Inkscape has its own community, developers have created a lot of useful teaching lessons on Inkscape, reference documentation.

Inkscape is a great free vector editor, and if you use free software in their work, then Inkscape is for you.