For some sites to work correctly, you need to enable cookies in the browser. What are cookies? What are they needed for? How do I enable cookies in my browser? These questions are answered by the Country of Soviets.

Cookies (cookies, cookies, cookies) are small fragments of textual information transmitted by the browser to the server. The next time you access the server (in other words, the next visit to the site), it accesses the cookies stored on your computer and performs certain actions.

Why do I need cookies? The information stored in them allows you not to enter your login and password every time you visit sites that require authentication. They help to save personal settings, provided by site developers, for example, the chosen style of the site design, the number of materials displayed on the page, etc. Search engines can store in cookies information about the number of search results that will be displayed for a given user on one page. Most online stores also use cookies.

Usually, the reception and saving of cookies are enabled by default in the browser, but in some cases this option must be manually configured. We'll show you how to enable cookies in the most common browsers.

How to enable cookies in Internet Explorer

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer 6 and above, you need to do the following: First go to the Tools menu in the top browser bar (if the top menu is not displayed, you need to press the Alt key, which will turn on the menu display). Select the Internet Options item in it and go to the Privacy tab in the window that opens. Click on the Advanced button - the Advanced Privacy Settings window opens. In this window, you need to check the checkbox in the Override automatic cookie processing checkbox. In both columns (Basic cookies and Extraneous cookies), select Accept and click OK twice in the Advanced privacy settings window and then in the browser properties window.

How to enable cookies in Opera

To enable cookies in Opera browser version 10 and higher, click on the Menu button in the upper left part of the browser window, select the Settings item, and in it - the general settings section. You can just use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F12 - the result will be the same. In the settings window that opens, click the Advanced tab. On the left we will see the vertical settings menu. Select the "Cookies" item in it, and in this item - the option "Accept Cookies". Press the OK button.

Your browser should be allowed to accept cookies

How to enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Mozilla Firefox version 3 and higher, then you need to take such actions. On the Tools menu, click Settings. In the browser settings window, go to the privacy tab. At the very top of the window, we'll see a drop-down list. Select the item Firefox will remember the history and click on the OK button. You can select the item Firefox will use your history storage settings, check the checkboxes Accept cookies from sites and Accept cookies from third-party sites and click OK.

How to enable cookies in Google Chrome

In older versions of Google Chrome, so to enable cookies, click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the browser window, select the Tools menu, and the Settings option. In the settings window go to the tab Advanced and click on the button content Settings. under Privacy. Select Allow to save local data (recommended).

In the latest versions, you need to enter the settings using the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. The browser settings window opens. Click "Show advanced settings" at the bottom, then click "Content settings" under the heading "Privacy". In the window that opens, select "Allow local data saving". Click finish.

How to enable cookies in Apple Safari

In the event that you prefer the Apple Safari for Windows browser, click the gear icon in the upper right part of the browser window and select Settings from the menu that appears. Then go to the Security tab, find the Accept cookies box and select the Always function.

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