Many browsers enable users create visual bookmarks. These bookmarks provide a more comfortable work with browser. Today, the land of the Soviets tell how to make visual bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox .

Unlike Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox has no built-in service of visual bookmarks. What if you need visual bookmarks in the browser, but you're not ready to ditch Firefox to another browser just for this feature? Come to the aid of various add-ons. which will help you make visual bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox.

So, how to make visual bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox? First you need to install a special add-on that allow you to create and configure visual bookmark. These additions there are several. Perhaps the most famous is Yandex.Bar. among the functions which has visual bookmark. If you don't want to put Yandex.Bar, I can recommend you Supplement Speed Dial, Fast Dial, Speed Dial Sugestron .

We will show you how to make visual bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox using add-on Speed Dial. Installation and configuration of other similar supplements have the same principle, so they should not cause you any difficulties. To begin with, we need to go to add-ons Manager of the browser. To do this, select the add-on item in the Tools menu. In the window that opens, click on the Add-ons tab:

In the search bar (you can tell by the inscription in italics "Search all add-ons" and magnifying glass icon) enter the name of the Supplement — in this case Speed Dial and click on the magnifying glass icon or press Enter on the keyboard. The window displays the proposed Supplement, we need Supplement needs to be in the first place. Select it by clicking on the name of the add-on with the left mouse button, and click on the Add button in Firefox.

A window will appear with a warning. Not afraid of warning and click Install now. After the installation we propose to restart the browser. After restarting the browser, configure the add-on. To do this, go back to Tools - Add-ons, but instead of the Add-ons tab, select the Extensions tab. In it, click on the freshly installed add-on Speed ​​Dial and click on the Settings button.

First, pay attention to the drop down Actions menu at the bottom of the settings window. It allows you to reset the add-on settings, restoring the default settings, making the initial add-on settings, exporting settings and bookmarks to a separate file in the format speeddial (specific add-on format) or HTML, importing settings from a file or restoring from a backup.

Now we need the item The initial configuration. The initial configuration of the Speed ​​Dial allows you to configure the loading of the add-on in new blank windows and tabs, use groups of visual bookmarks, add an add-on button to the browser toolbar, and set Mozilla Firefox's visual bookmarks as a home page. All we need is to tick off the items we need and click on the OK button.

Now let's take a closer look at the settings window Speed Dial. In the Basic tab, you can configure groups of visual bookmarks: group names and the number of bookmarks in a group. At the same time, one group can be active in the browser, but the groups are tabbed, so you can easily switch between them. In addition, in the basic settings tab you can configure the automatic loading of the add-on in new empty windows and / or tabs, as well as access to the Speed ​​Dial through the context menu and the "Bookmarks" menu.

In the defaults tab, you can configure the refresh rate of the preview sites in a visual bookmark, using JavaScript, the size of the tabs and number of tabs in rows and columns. Tab and the Thumbnails settings thumbnails in the tab Control — hot keys and mouse actions, in the Advanced tab — the rest, not so important settings. To save the changes, click OK .

To create a new visual bookmark. click the right mouse button on the empty tab with the number and select Edit. In the window that opens, enter the URL of the site we need, the title (if you do not enter a title and tick the Dynamic checkbox, the header will be dynamically generated when the bookmark is updated). In the Update drop-down list, select the update time: never or periodically. If you select Periodical, another drop-down list will appear. From it you will need to select the unit of time (hours, days, minutes, seconds), and enter the number manually. Should I tick JavaScript on the checkbox? Not necessarily, but it is desirable - preview of some sites without JavaScript will not load.

You can so easily make visual bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox. Ten minutes to install and setup and your browser became more comfortable and functional!

Thank you but none of the above instructions did not help !
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Yes, always these issues with updates to browsers and related services. I find it easier to keep everything on the bookmarks top-page and not to bathe, not to think of what you can lose or it may some problem occur even if you reinstall your PC.

Yandex elements. In addition to everything includes also the visual bookmarks. In my opinion, Yandex is better than the bar. I answer, Mozilla is loaded much faster. You can also install any add-ons and buttons.

A. Here about the bookmarks I want to say the following. I used to always have problems. let's say when reinstalling the system. In Mozille, there is a very useful import export function. Export all the bookmarks to your computer and, if necessary, import it back to the browser.

And what if you do not have 1, and 2.3 or more browsers. Not everyone synchronizes easily and simply. and not every user will understand all of these intricacies ..