Burmese (Burma) differs from other species of its unparalleled looks. In this animal all elegantly: medium size body, nice head, fluffy tail and cute socks and gloves on paws. And the bright blue cat eyes literally look the owner right in the heart.

It is believed that Burmese cats originate from South-East Asia, and more specifically, from Burma. It is known that in the state at churches once lived a plain white cat. But about the appearance beautiful shade of wool, and also change the eye color to blue, there's this one. In one of the temples, which were guarded by cats, was a statue of a goddess. The statue was made of pure gold, but her eyes were sapphire blue. And then one day the robbers were attacked by robbers in order to steal the statue of the goddess. Defending the statue and the temple, the oldest monk of the temple, Moon Ha, was mortally wounded. Moon Ha died of wounds at the feet of the statue of the goddess. And when the hope of saving the temple left the other monks, they heard a loud scream. It was the cry of Moon Xinha's favorite cat. The cat was sitting at the head of the dead host, and in the appearance of the animal there were dramatic changes. The cat's fur became golden, the eyes acquired a rich blue color, and the paws became the same color as the hair of the dead host Sinha. The monks found the strength to continue the battle and defeated the robbers. The cat, for seven days without traffic, was sitting at the head of the owner, after which he died. Later, all the other cats in the temple acquired the same color as Sinh.

But it is only legend that gave this breed the name "Sacred Birman". In fact, the breed it was bred by crossing Siamese and Persian cats. Therefore, the Burmese breed of cats has the appearance of a Siamese cat and a long coat of Persians. Socks on the paws are the action of a recessive gene.

Socks and gloves on the paws cats  Is a unique feature of it. These white spots should be given special attention, since the marks should be symmetrical on all four legs. Also, pair symmetry is allowed for the rear and front legs separately. The breed standards require that the socks on the inside of the hind legs end in the form of an inverted V.

The Burmese cat should not be confused with the Burmese. Two completely different breeds of cats. So, the Burmese cat is distinguished by its long hair and the presence of white marks on its legs. Burmese cats are short-haired.

At the moment, the Burmese cat can not boast the variety of colors. In the standards accepted in only four colors of colors: purple, blue, brown and chocolate. Brown Burmese cats primary color of wool is light beige and the markings are dark brown. Blue Burmese have a white coat color and blue-gray markings. Chocolate Burma boast creamy beige fur and chocolate markings. And lilac Burmese cats have fur apricot color and grey markings.

Burmese cat: character

Cat breed Birman is distinguished by its friendly and gentle character. They like the society of people and other animals, they get along very well with dogs. Their kindness and affection cats are preserved throughout life. Burma is most often attached only to one member of the family, although they like to spend time with everyone.

With children Burmese cats are not friends. When a cat sees a child or understands that they want to cuddle, she immediately tries to leave and hide. If the children are constantly annoying the cat, then it can become very timid.

The rest of the Burmese cat will feel fantastic in the family, however, she will never annoy the owners. Burma was not very talkative cat. she has a quiet voice, she meows rarely. But in estrus the cat's voice becomes sharper and louder.

To take care of a cat very easily. To bathe the animal, if it lives at home, very often do not. You only need to comb the cat twice a day. Since the Burmese cat has almost no undercoat, the animal's hair seldom rolls into the coils. And if they are formed, then only in the armpit and groin. During moult, you should give a little more attention to the cat's fur.

Burmese cats demanding food. This is due not to their gourmet tastes, although this is observed in these beautiful animals, but only because when eating dry food, the characteristic marks on the wool become tarnished and disappear. Therefore, give the cat raw and boiled meat, as well as fish.