{!LANG-8e6a56ad0978cab1e699302492786563!}How to run command line in Windows?

First look into what is the command line. Command line (console) — text{!LANG-8dea13331d3918bdcbd3fecfaee0dfc1!}

In Windows NT (Windows 2000 and above) is used command line interpreter cmd.exe{!LANG-0fc76e022a9e17082d23d36c5ae24627!}

To invoke a command line, you can use one of the following methods.



But running this way, the command prompt may not allow you to execute certain commands. To succeed, you need to run the command prompt as administrator{!LANG-9691cf6bb32909b994b947eb4649a382!}

Not to perform the same manipulations each time you launch the command line you can configure {!LANG-7f99f8eb9963f146df920d2fe9ae20fb!}{!LANG-f79fc9145ca63fa6acea46942096d215!}

{!LANG-b155f40decada5d61bd22087d2cbbf51!}an extensible shell command line interface, Windows PowerShell. It can be used instead of the standard command line. To run Windows PowerShell as simple as a command prompt (cmd.exe): start — All programs — accessories — Windows PowerShell.

Running the command line, you can watch a list of commonly used commands{!LANG-3b53d065dfccb795b8b1eb1e86e41589!}

The command line {!LANG-d5ed40dcec7b10ad8d63520ca2f3bdbc!}{!LANG-1ac1d55391f5c907fe67c5537e88591d!}