You have now installed the "ICQ" and crave online communication with friends. But first you need to register in the system and log in with your username and password. How can I register in ICQ? Read up on the country of the Soviets!

To register in ICQ you can in two ways — through the programme itself and via the official website{!LANG-7b50c43a956a0b793e19ead8baf65cf7!}

{!LANG-e94ce1341e8bb3a95a89745c6a73f19d!}the registration window{!LANG-1a2d2d02dd83b8a7cf3c46e1bdab9388!}

Then select your floor. Then enter the email address that will be assigned to your account ICQ. In the future it can be used for authorization instead of UIN, if you suddenly forget your number "ICQ". In addition, using e-mail you will be able, if necessary, {!LANG-b5c57c5ea7a4bbdaf63821d0e49b2281!}{!LANG-2a4577506ef7ef0f4eb330cc0da69dbf!}

Then enter the password to enter the program. It needs to be complicated enough that nobody could hack your account and send your name spam. How to choose a sufficiently strong password, we wrote in our article on Internet security. But the system will not allow you to choose too simple password. ICQ has the following password requirements :

  • it should consist of 6-8 characters
  • it should be large and small letters and digits
  • it must not match your name, surname or nickname.

You will then be asked to enter the password again to confirm password and avoid errors when typing it. Enter the password, select the birth date — day, month and year. After that, you will need to enter the figures drawn in the picture — the so-called captcha{!LANG-998bca182c7f7d8c43599031ce6b073c!}

Putting all personal data, click on the OK button. A window opens offering you {!LANG-7847814ed80aee1019d4a73b22191bfc!}{!LANG-5399563c51cd183d5801f532fc7d88fb!}

The email will contain a link which you must click to confirm registration. Click it. Registration is completed! Now you can log in to ICQ using your email address and password. Below to know the UIN assigned to you by the system{!LANG-5cd751b21feee28a5609a640c61ae35c!}

To register in ICQ through the official website{!LANG-7eaaac93b48e33fc010355082a6eb4bc!}