Insufficient cooling — a problem faced by many laptop owners. What is a cooling pad for laptop and how can you make it with your own hands? This will tell the country of the Soviets.


Cooling pad for laptop is a structure{!LANG-dd32e8edcc44e4eb6414be12b9f84ebe!}

Cooling pads for laptops are fairly common and they can be purchased at almost any computer shop.{!LANG-7d03e1b5f5ee087f1527d4b7d930d64d!}

In cooling stands for laptops are usually used from 1 to 4 fans.{!LANG-b90b820626d47708d4c3d49952a6ead8!}

Cooling pad for laptop made of aluminum, plastic.{!LANG-fae28fa3c54c4d4edb5eb54ed93c8703!}

When choosing a cooling stand should pay attention to the location of the holes through which the access of air to the laptop. The best option — the location of the holes on the stand as close as possible to the location of the air intake holes on the bottom of the laptop.

If you purchase a cooling stand, it is impossible for some reason you can try to make a stand with their hands{!LANG-e4274fbc4117f78caf5f452815c63c93!}

For the manufacture of the cooling stand will need a metal (aluminum sheets) or plastic (sheets of plexiglass). The laptop size from sheets of metal or Plexiglas cut top and bottom cover of the stand{!LANG-e179632ef58bab3fe8b56cea7e704704!}

To determine the location of the holes is possible, placing the laptop for some time on the stand cover.{!LANG-477c1d0bd9a92f41b1005d6bc23d287a!}

Cooling pad for laptop metal fastened with screws. The stand of Plexiglas can be collected by putting part of this team. 3 g of shavings left after cutting Plexiglas, 100 g of dichlorethane. With continuous stirring the resulting mixture, the chips are dissolved, then the composition of 2 days should be left in the dark.


To gain access to the fans one of the caps the stand is removable to make.{!LANG-718a8f34872a8ab8e7496d1887adadce!}