Insufficient cooling — a problem faced by many laptop owners. What is a cooling pad for laptop and how can you make it with your own hands? This will tell the country of the Soviets.

The limited internal space of the laptop, the inability to install additional cooling fans in the notebook - all this led to the appearance of special cooling stands for laptops. A cooling pad for a notebook increases the efficiency of its cooling. Compared to desktop PCs, laptops are more prone to the risk of overheating and that's why effective cooling of the laptop is so important.

Cooling pad for laptop is a structure  from materials that take away heat well, on which one or more fans are installed. Modern cooling stands allow you to change the angle, prevent accidental slippage of the laptop, contribute to more convenient use of the laptop. Power cooling pad for a laptop gets, usually through a USB interface.

Cooling pads for laptops are fairly common and they can be purchased at almost any computer shop.  When choosing a cooling stand, attention should be paid to several basic parameters: the number and power of the fans, stand material, stand dimensions.

In cooling stands for laptops are usually used from 1 to 4 fans.  Do not chase the number of fans, because the more fans are present on the stand, the more noise they make. If there is only one fan in the stand, then it should have sufficient power. If there are several fans in the stand, then it is desirable that they are located closest to the most heated areas of the laptop.

Cooling pad for laptop made of aluminum, plastic.  The weight of the aluminum stand can reach 1 kg or more. The plastic stand weighs less. The dimensions of the stand are chosen in accordance with the dimensions of the notebook itself, there are also universal models that are adjustable in size.

When choosing a cooling stand should pay attention to the location of the holes through which the access of air to the laptop. The best option — the location of the holes on the stand as close as possible to the location of the air intake holes on the bottom of the laptop.

If you purchase a cooling stand, it is impossible for some reason you can try to make a stand with their hands. Cooling the laptop with their own hands is pretty simple.

For the manufacture of the cooling stand will need a metal (aluminum sheets) or plastic (sheets of plexiglass). The laptop size from sheets of metal or Plexiglas cut top and bottom cover of the stand. side faces, back cover. On the top cover of the stand, holes are marked and drilled, through which air will be supplied to the laptop by the fans.

To determine the location of the holes is possible, placing the laptop for some time on the stand cover.  The most heated areas are noted - it is in these places that it is expedient to drill the holes and place the fans. Also holes are drilled for fixing the fans. Bores for air intake are drilled on the back or side surfaces of the stand.

Cooling pad for laptop metal fastened with screws. The stand of Plexiglas can be collected by putting part of this team. 3 g of shavings left after cutting Plexiglas, 100 g of dichlorethane. With continuous stirring the resulting mixture, the chips are dissolved, then the composition of 2 days should be left in the dark.

Before bonding, the surfaces to be bonded are cleaned and degreased. Gluing is done by butt, glue is applied with a brush to both fastened surfaces.

To gain access to the fans one of the caps the stand is removable to make.  Fans are located "on the blowing". To work the resulting stand you need a power supply, with which the fans are connected. The required fan power depends on the number and power of the fans.