Sophisticated users demand not only to program functionality but also to their appearance. This is not surprising: if a person, say, spends a lot of time in the Internet, he wants his browser was pleasing to the eye. "Decorate" browser help themes (skins). In this article we will tell you how to install themes for Opera.

A huge number of sites on the Internet offering its users to download themes for Opera. But not all of these sites can be trusted. Of course, there are sites that offer a wide range of beautiful skins. But there are websites-the crooks, instead of the skins slips you a virus or you want to send SMS to short number to get the download link. Therefore it is safer to install themes for Opera, using the functionality of the browser itself .

So, how to find and install a theme for Opera? First you need to go in the theme Manager. There are two ways to do this:

  • click the Menu button and select Design
  • to use Shift F12.

Window opens the style settings. You need tab Themes (it will be active by default). Most likely, a set of suggested topics will be very scarce. You can, of course, to "play" with the standard themes, changing the color scheme and icon size. Usually a choice of such the color scheme. system, Golden, sand, jungle, sea, blue, Indigo, purple, raspberry, red.

But what if the default theme for Opera you don't like? You can download new skins for Opera and install from the right in the window decoration settings. To do this, at the top of the window instead of Installed themes, choose the option Find themes. Opens the search window, it will have four tabs:

You can switch between tabs and view the recommended topic. Each topic is accompanied by a screenshot (so you could appreciate her appearance, not installing) and brief information. nick is the author of the rating (on a scale), a description and a link to the reviews. If you click this link, a page will open with a full description of the theme for Opera user reviews on the official website of the browser.

To install any theme, click Download under the description or screenshot of the theme. The browser will download the theme and "try" it. You will be asked to apply this theme and save it to disk. If you like the look of your browser with a new theme, click Yes. Well, if you decide to find something prettier — just No.

By using themes you can change the look of your browser almost beyond recognition, and even "mask" Opera as another browser for example Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. But keep in mind that not all themes for Firefox compatible with the latest versions of the browser. Usually about the compatibility of the skin can be read on his page on the Opera website (how to get into it, we wrote above).

Some "assemblies" browser made by users (for example, Opera AC), there are quite a large number of preset themes. But "Assembly" is a variant on the fan. Some people like an abundance of options and features, and someone thinks that they are slower and worse than a "clean" browser. If you do decide to try the "Assembly", remember that it is not necessary to download the installation package from suspicious sites .

As you can see, to set their own theme for Opera quite simple. The main problem is to choose the best topic from the proposed change. But if you prefer another browser, you can find useful articles about how to install themes for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or Google Chrome .