The number of sites on the Internet is simply enormous, and, of course, there is no way to track their content in a timely manner and to punish the owners of sites with unacceptable content. Where and how to complain about the website. which, in your opinion, somehow violates the rules of search engines or even the current legislation?

In some cases, you may need to complain to the site? The reasons — weight, from using illegal methods of promotion in search engines to gross violations of the law. For example, Google's search engine distinguishes the following categories of reasons :

  • web spam (web page does not match the search query and uses the forbidden methods of promotion in search engines)
  • paid links (for website promotion used paid links)
  • inappropriate content (pornography, incitement to extremism, etc.)
  • malware (the site is infected with malware)
  • violations associated with the use of Google products
  • violations associated with the copyright (plagiarism) and other legal issues
  • disclosure of confidential information
  • phishing (obtaining confidential information by illegal means)
  • other problems.

So you "found" online at the website intruder. Who can you complain to the site? The first "instance" is a hoster. Most site owners use the services of hosting providers who provide them with a place on the server to host the site and ensure the uninterrupted availability of the site on the network. If the hoster is seen in the service of sites that violate the law, it may have problems. Therefore, it is in the interests of the hoster to "sort out" sites with unacceptable content. To learn the coordinates of the host, you can use special services that provide information about the site through its URL (WHOIS-services).

But in some cases the host may not be able to take any action without a court order. Besides, if your complaint is the website is not connected with violation of legislation (for example, the use of illegal methods of promotion), the host you just will not help — its these moments do not apply. In such cases it is possible you can report the site to search engines .

Each search engine has special pages. allowing users to complain about a site that is "unworthy" to rank in search results. But be prepared for the fact that you will have to substantiate your complaint - this is done so that unscrupulous webmasters do not use the complaint form as a way to "lower" the competitor.

So, tools for webmasters from Google allow you to report web spam. To start, you will be prompted to think again and to decide whether your complaint is another matter. If you are sure that this is spam, click on the button To report web spam   and fill out the form: the address of the intruder, the search query by which you found the site, and a short comment.

If the complaint about the site is not related to web spam, you can find the required form through Google Help. You need to select the Google product to which your complaint applies, and the reason for the complaint. After that, you will receive a link to the form you need to use to submit a request to delete the content of the site from Google.

Below to report a site in Yandex. you can fill in the form Yandex.Webmaster for complaints against search spam. You need to enter the website address or search query that you found the site, and comment (why do you think the site is spam). If a site discloses confidential information or violates the copyright, you can also use the feedback form. selecting in the field Message subject   the corresponding complaint.

Form of complaint on the site in Yahoo!   differs little from similar forms in Google or Yandex: you select the type of violation from the drop-down list, enter a search query that you found the intruder, the address of the site or specific page and the address of the search results page on which the site was found, the description of the complaint and your contact information. To confirm that you are not a robot, you will need to enter the alphanumeric code (captcha).

If the search engine through which you entered the site from unwanted content, there is no form to submit complaints, you can use a standard feedback form and in the field Message   describe your complaint. However, in many cases the consideration of the complaint takes a lot of time.

November 1, 2012 came into force amendments to the Federal law 149-FZ "On information, information technologies and protection of information". Users can now to report a website containing information whose dissemination is banned in Russia, Roskomnadzor .

This information includes information about methods of manufacture and use, as well as places to obtain drugs, the methods of committing suicide, incitements to commit suicide, and pornography with minors. To post a complaint on the website containing the prohibited information, you need to follow the link and to fill out a form .

In the first line enter the address of the site or a specific page. Then you need to select from the drop-down lists the source of information and its type (child pornography, drug propaganda, calls for suicide). Then tick the appropriate information and select the type of access to it (free, limited, paid). All other information you can specify in the "Additional information" field.

Next, specify your personal information (but these obligatory fields are not). You can also to attach to your message a screenshot or electronic copy of the pages containing illegal information. Filling out the form, enter the security code and click the "Send message".

Hello. I want to complain - on the site - Catalog of trance tracks in mp3. I made the registration not long ago. very fond of music. I liked everything in the beginning. Leave comments on the tracks. Then there was an administrator-Ivushka. Tolk did not explain anything to all the comments. But this is not the most important thing. Then I asked what? I was simply deleted and the address was banned. Here I would like to know? why make a registration. be a decent listener. Participate in the life of the site. If at the slightest occasion on a wider understanding of music. You will be removed. I ask you to take note of other sites. What discourages all the desire to register in websites - when there are egoists in administrators - not respecting users. ... why in Yandex when typing Alzhan bilanov comes a link to this site. What right did you have to use my name for this dirt. I hope this site is deleted to the devil once and for all.

SMS cost sostavlyala 0,44, UE. but I took a 4.5 ye, tell me where you can complain about not reliable information about the payment.
and besides the movie that I ordered does not work (pirates). y / money knock down at registration, although they write for free

Sergey, a similar situation happened to me. This is not very pleasant. My comments were not deleted, but rather left, so that others could read how I humiliate the admin. At the same time he banned me so that I could not answer him. Although I never did not offend, talked with him quite decently, in contrast to his direct allusions to my not being educated and stupid. It's not nice and I would like to know how to punish such egoists.

Why, does not FEISBUCK have a "feedback"? They have already got some friends, thanks! And all this comes to my mail. I have not registered with them, but they are coming to me! In general, I try to avoid these "social" networks! I do not see anything good in them, for myself!

[quote name=”Fhbflyf”][quote name=”Sergei.”]
I, too, no-no, and I get on similar adminov.Vyskazyvaesh its opinion is absolutely correct-you are banned only because it did not please the admin! (As a rule, they are angry that you are right and the people for you) and this is a violation of the right to freedom of speech! poiska est.Prosto it descends to them with ruka.A that would be responsible for this creators of the site by law, this would not have happened!

In the contact, the account was blocked and not allowed to use it, until I tell you my cell number! Just insolence!

At the voesan point, the military sanatoriums of the Defense Ministry of Russia are a horrible number of mistakes, it's embarrassing to read: cities, the names of the seas, sanatoria, etc. with a small letter, commas or not worth or not correctly set and many different errors, as if it was done specifically to harm.

On the Internet there is such a project as bustabit is a project-a game where you can earn bitcoin. To the actual resource, I have no complaints: the game is fair, at the same time very exciting, there are people from different countries and chat in different languages. But there is one very unpleasant “but”: in the chat there is created a terrible farce and trash, and the worst thing is that there may lock for some stuff (you just inadvertently said that the moderator had another bet to put it), but for the string of obscenities, insults, dirty arguments, there is no one for a minute will not close the chat. But it struck me most that there is a moderator with the nickname Netaban, whose every second and even the first written word in the chat is Frank Mat. Understanding people know that the moderator is someone who maintains order in the chat in the first place, so moderator, obscene language and degrading of other users is the last thing. On that project he has absolute power, he can when I want and I want to give silence in the chat (note, not the Mat, insults or lust, but simply for the fact that the moderator went bankrupt at bet, and you told him that you don't need to put it. ). Good for him that it is necessary to prohibit forever to write anything in the chat! There is an active mother and does not discuss the very public topic of 5-10 people from the rest of such darkness did not notice.

Internet shop winphone (dot) ru offers office equipment with 50% discount! Proposed to purchase the Asus G30AK-RU002S system unit for 31250 rubles. I searched on request in the search engine, so I got it on Yandex Directory. They say that the goods are all brand new. Prices on Yandex Market from 100000 rub. It is clear that the divorce. But I decided to check that the bird is such a terabyte. I make a test order. Brought an invoice for payment. And the account is not from TeraBayt LLC (as indicated on the site), but the personal account of a private person in the Avangard Bank: Koval Denis Andreyevitch, Сч. № 408178104closed1009closed 114. I send the request, who is Koval and where are the details of TeraBayt LLC? I receive such an answer: "Hello, TeraBayt is a brand, and Koval Dmitry Andreevich is a general director." So that's it, Mihalych. It became very interesting to me. I make a request for an extract from the registry of this muddled LLC to find out who is actually its CEO. And found out: Petrov Dmitry Andreevich. What an interesting coincidence with the name and patronymic)). After I gave them the extract of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, they stopped responding and the order was canceled. With what I congratulated myself. Here so, be vigilant. And the advertisement of this LLC "Horn and Hoof" by the way is still in the Directorate.

I want to complain about the site vseletelefony-ru. made an order, a tablet + ordered a flash card for 8 GB, in the end, came the keyboard with English letters + did not come flash card and protective film, phone and mail do not respond, although they continue to trade, not so cheap Chinese counterfeits.

I want to complain about a dating site called Photostrana, there is always a blocking of users, right in the game, there was a reason for using bot programs, now another, automatic registration, the director does not reach, users do not even know where he is, he's commanding an inexperienced those podorka.