The number of sites on the Internet is simply enormous, and, of course, there is no way to track their content in a timely manner and to punish the owners of sites with unacceptable content. Where and how to complain about the website. which, in your opinion, somehow violates the rules of search engines or even the current legislation?

In some cases, you may need to complain to the site? The reasons — weight, from using illegal methods of promotion in search engines to gross violations of the law. For example, Google's search engine distinguishes the following categories of reasons :

  • web spam (web page does not match the search query and uses the forbidden methods of promotion in search engines)
  • paid links (for website promotion used paid links)
  • inappropriate content (pornography, incitement to extremism, etc.)
  • malware (the site is infected with malware)
  • violations associated with the use of Google products
  • violations associated with the copyright (plagiarism) and other legal issues
  • disclosure of confidential information
  • phishing (obtaining confidential information by illegal means)
  • other problems.

So you "found" online at the website intruder. Who can you complain to the site? The first "instance" is a hoster{!LANG-6dac1d3d0946a3e992419a3120d96d1a!}

But in some cases the host may not be able to take any action without a court order. Besides, if your complaint is the website is not connected with violation of legislation (for example, the use of illegal methods of promotion), the host you just will not help — its these moments do not apply. In such cases it is possible you can report the site to search engines .

Each search engine has {!LANG-fd72e785b8cfc7426090ec446918a75e!}{!LANG-984d22c611a112561326183d14d0fda5!}

So, tools for webmasters from Google allow you to report web spam. To start, you will be prompted to think again and to decide whether your complaint is another matter. If you are sure that this is spam, click on the button To report web spam{!LANG-eab3b6935431227dead5eed40e009a3e!}


Below to report a site in Yandex. you can fill in the form Yandex.Webmaster for complaints against search spam. You need to enter the website address or search query that you found the site, and comment (why do you think the site is spam). If a site discloses confidential information or violates the copyright, you can also use the feedback form. selecting in the field {!LANG-e5c41e40cf2b67c62a18b131bb9faf61!}{!LANG-914520cf1968c8448eb07cb301a281e1!}

Form of complaint on the site in Yahoo!{!LANG-5f2461bfd95b920bba080f210efb2db5!}

If the search engine through which you entered the site from unwanted content, there is no form to submit complaints, you can use a standard feedback form and in the field Message{!LANG-f89dcefff373c9d28b863e9b328027df!}

November 1, 2012 came into force amendments to the Federal law 149-FZ "On information, information technologies and protection of information". Users can now to report a website containing information whose dissemination is banned in Russia, Roskomnadzor .

This information includes information about methods of manufacture and use, as well as places to obtain drugs, the methods of committing suicide, incitements to commit suicide, and pornography with minors. To post a complaint on the website containing the prohibited information, you need to follow the link and to fill out a form .


Next, specify your personal information (but these obligatory fields are not). You can also to attach to your message a screenshot or electronic copy of the pages containing illegal information. Filling out the form, enter the security code and click the "Send message".



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