FB2 is a popular ebook format that is supported by most modern e-readers. Perhaps every reader at least once faced with the need to convert to FB2 book, other format. Today, the land of the Soviets tell you how to do it.

For starters, let's see, what is the format FB2. The full name of this format: FictionBook. It is based on the XML markup language: every element of the book in this format, describes the special tags, whereby maintains a clear structure of the book. Documents in FB2 format usually contain structural markup of the text, information about the author and publication, sometimes - illustrations to the book.

Despite the fact that modern readers read the most common text formats, they are often the best displays of books in FB2 format. So often the owners are faced with the need to convert to FB2 TXT, DOC, RTF, PDF  and others. This is usually done with the help of special programs. We will tell you about several such programs.

This software was developed by Dmitry Gribov (one of the developers of FB2 format). The program Any2FB2  It is developed for Windows, it is distributed free of charge. It allows you to convert MS Word, HTML and TXT documents to FB2. Implemented support for uploading via HTTP protocol and downloading related documents.

This program is intended for batch converting of files. Like the previous program, it is free and works under Windows. Key features Batch2fb.

  • convert the list of selected files
  • adding to the list of all supported files from the folder
  • unpacking and adding zip files to the list
  • save converted files to the folder of the source file with its filename and file extension fb2
  • recording settings
  • the entry convert files to zip files (separate files for each text)
  • fill the converted files to your pocket PC.

But, unlike Any2FB2, this program can't use hyperlinks as a source  text documents.

The program Doc2fb allows you to convert DOC to FB2 and RTF documents with preserving the layout and images. It's free, runs under Windows, but requires installed MS Office 2003 .


ExportToFB21 — this is not a standalone utility, and extension for text editor OpenOffice.org Writer. It is free, as free and the text editor itself, and allows you to convert to FB2 formats supported by OpenOffice.org Writer (DOC, ODT, RTF, HTML, TXT, XML, etc.). The extension is cross-platform and works on those platforms on which the OpenOffice.org Writer: Windows (all versions starting from Windows 98 and ending with Windows 7), GNU / Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, etc. works.

The extension allows you to export the structure and layout of a text document, footnotes, tables, hyperlinks, but you will not be able to export pictures.


This free utility for Windows that allows you to convert FB2 documents in the formats DOC and HTML. She can:

  • resize bitmap image maximum height and width of the picture
  • convert HTML table to image in PNG format in two modes: semiautomatic and automatic
  • insert image in FB2 file in semi-automatic mode
  • save the file in Unicode (UTF-8) and ANSI
  • to pack the file in zip archive
  • to perform batch conversions.

The program does not require installation  and can work from any folder.

Strictly speaking, web2fb2.net is not a utility, and online service. allowing you to convert to FB2 web pages. You need to enter the URL of the page you want to convert into a special form, in addition, tick the advanced options (for example, whether you need to include tables and pictures in the file). You can enter manually the description of the FB2 book (title, author name, genre, language). This service can come in handy when you do not have any programs at hand, and you can not download and install them.

And which of these utilities to convert to FB2 were available to you? You may know other programs. not included in this list? Share your experience with the readers of the Land of Soviets!