Surely you had to deal with files in ISO, NRG, IMG or MDS/MDF. This all — disc images. What is a disk image? Why is it needed? How to create a disk image.

A disk image is a virtual copy of a physical disk{!LANG-4be89bed6eee6948ec85f7b369ecb081!}

Originally disk images were used for only data backup{!LANG-5a98035df58ed66af93a706850577053!}

The most popular the format of the disk image{!LANG-1d3e628988c45c9a4c57970ddf677fa7!}

To create a disk image, you will need special program{!LANG-8f77f4e1cd666e7aa5bf6e802d625dab!}

One of the most known programs that allows you to create a disc image, is a UltraISO. It allows you to create, edit, convert, emulate and record images of the optical and hard drives, flash drives and floppy disks. This program works with more than 30 image formats. But it is shareware and until you pay for the full version, you can't work with images larger than 300 MB.

You can also create a disk image using the software DAEMON Tools{!LANG-71fb338f3b7319b74f14708ea00b29b8!}

Another popular program for creating disc images Alcohol 120%{!LANG-ad9ef8d3f30294fb8e1ce4a44a2b441a!}

App Nero Burning ROM{!LANG-8fcc12707a7b6b01f62380298a481f2f!}

Is there free alternatives. allows you to create a disk image? Of course, although they do not differ in such a variety of functions. One of these programs — ISO Workshop. It supports popular disk image formats and helps you to make backup data, create disc copies, convert images in BIN and ISO formats and burn them to optical media.

Also create disk images allow such free utilities like Free Create-Burn ISO Image Gizmo-Drive, Folder2Iso, ImageUSB etc. Not all of them have a complete range of functions. For example, ImageUSB{!LANG-f59e7be7d818ce9e5e58ea8782ed3c22!}{!LANG-7e2bf84e2336020a7065746a23acfea9!}{!LANG-ffca550d81974da8c40f6017e99e03af!}

{!LANG-a19e93f8d4338430bd10740dab49362d!}a lot of programs that will help you to create a disk image{!LANG-cfe5df3c091dd0ec86cb6f1d4e19684e!}