Twitter microblogging service is becoming more popular, the number of its users is constantly growing. There were even Twitter clients - special programs that allow you to communicate on Twitter without accessing the site through a browser. WhichTwitter client   choose?

Before choosing a Twitter client, you should determine,for what device do you need it. There are customers for popular computer operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, Symbian, Android, JavaMe), and cross-platform applications. Also, the Twitter client can have the form of an extension for the browser or be integrated into the messenger program (ICQ, QIP, Pidgin, etc.). We will talkabout clients for personal computers running Windows OS .

CrossDrive Twitter client TweetDeck is considered an official customer. To work, it requires Adobe AIR to be installed on your computer automatically when you install the app. User interface of this client's multi-column: a separate column is reserved for the timeline (timeline), mentions, direct messages, trending.

The client allows you to publish and view photos, rettvit old and new types, simultaneously work with multiple accounts, manage public and private messages, work with lists and short link services.He also has many other functions.

In addition to Twitter via Twitter, the TweetDeck client canwork with accounts in other social networks. Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare, Google Buzz, and add networks that support the Twitter API, such as Tumblr and WordPress, and watch videos on YouTube. You can create a single TweetDeck account for synchronizing settings on different computers.

This Twitter client has two major drawbacks. First, it does not display the Cyrillic alphabet in the default settings, so to display Cyrillic, you will need to dig around in the settings. Secondly, to work with multiple accounts only on Twitter and other social networks — no.

Twhirl - another free cross-platform Twitter client. running on Adobe AIR. This app is fairly compact, its functionality is constantly expanding. The program allows you to work with multiple accounts in Twitter and also in networks such as Friendfeed, Seesmic Video, and

Functionality includes notifications about new messages, shortening of long URLs through various services, cross-posting messages to various social networks, uploading images through yfrog, searching for tweets, tracking topics almost in real time via saved search, automatic tweets search with mentions of your user. As in the previous case,when you first start Twhirl there may be a problem with displaying Cyrillic alphabet .

Seesmic Desktop is a cross-platform client running on the Microsoft Silverlight software platform. In addition it supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Buzz. Like TweetDeck, this client has a multi-column interface. You can work with multiple Twitter accounts. When you click on the nickname of the user in the client, all functions are available to quote, retweet, follow, ufollowit, block, add to list etc. there Are convenient lists tab and search for tweets with the ability to save search phrases.

There are alsoother Twitter clients. for example, Destroy Twitter, Mixero, Brizzly (online client), Sobees, Media Funnel, Blu, MetroTwit, Janetter, Yoono, Witty Twitter, digiTweet, Spaz, SharedMinds Desktop and even the original Twitter client for office workers SpreadTweet, "masquerading" under Microsoft Excel. Some of these clients work only with Twitter, some allow you to combine several social networks in one application. Sure,you will surely find yourself a Twitter client who will like you .