Blogging has long ceased to be unusual hobby. Now a blog is not just entertainment. It can serve as a source of income, a platform for the expression of their citizenship, and for public people blog is a way to be closer to the people. What popular blogs there are in the Runet?

The popularity of the blog — a piece unreliable: today you are the darling of the audience, and tomorrow on your blog no one will remember. So rating of most popular blogs  usually head online diaries, whose owners pay enough attention to the conduct of their blog, or projects supervised by a group of people.

How are the most popular blogs? The Yandex search engine provides a regularly updated rating of blogs of a Runet. The blogs in it are based on the number of readers or on authoritativeness. Authority is a more objective indicator of popularity. This indicator is determined on the basis of many parameters.

We have already published a rating of blogs of a Runet as of July 6, 2010. but since then, it took a year and a half, and many in the blogosphere have time to change. Let's see what popular blogs erupted in a rating of blogs of a Runet 18 Jan 2012 .

Popular blogs Runet: the TOP 10 most influential

place in the ranking

So, what has changed in the blogosphere Runet for a year and a half? The General trend remains unchanged — still the most popular blogs relate mainly to the category of cognitive information. So, the first line of the rating, as a year and a half ago, is a blog NEWS IN PHOTOS. specializing in photo reports about various events in the world.

Second and third place ranking is a blog In the Internet magazine Etoday. Pectrum — a collection of short interesting facts on a variety of topics, from show business to inventions, from history to wildlife. And Internet magazine Etoday  (incidentally, retained the third position), as well as the blog NEWS IN PHOTOGRAPHY, publishes current events and the latest news in photos, telling about interesting and unusual.

This category of infotainment blogs are popular blogs LiveJournal users ibigdan, teh_nomad, asaratov and drugoi. Three of them - ibigdan, drugoi and teh_nomad - were included in the rating and a year and a half ago. During this time, ibigdan's blog dropped from second place to sixth, teh_nomad's blog remained in fourth place, and Magazine Drugo from the fifth place dropped to the ninth. A blog asaratov in the TOP-10 eighteen months ago was not included.

Not disappeared from the rankings and the draft  (except that he dropped to the line below). Lifshak - these are useful tips and tricks for all occasions that allow you to "crack" life, that is, to maximally simplify the achievement of your goals with the help of special techniques and methods. Readers go to for advice that will help make life easier.

Occupying the fifth line of a rating the project Snob  - this is simultaneously an electronic version of the Russian magazine "Snob" and a discussion platform. Unlike other projects included in the top ten most popular blogs, Snob is not a site for the average Internet user. The project poses as an international community of Russian-speaking professionals and intellectuals. There is no restriction on geography, age, degree of fame and belief, but a certain, let's say an intellectual level for participation in the project is necessary. The project is also informative and even entertaining in some ways - but not for a wide audience.

Finally, closes rating the blog of Alexei Navalny. well-known political and public figure. Perhaps his socio-political blog dilutes the components of the TOP infotainment projects. But we cannot ignore the fact that Navalny has become almost odious figure, so that the readers sees his blog as entertaining — in the end, everyone has their own understanding of entertainment.

Some popular blogs that were in the TOP 10 and a half years ago, their positions lost. It's live journals well-known designer Artemy Lebedev (tema), journalist Natalia Radulova (radulova), blogger Lyubov Kovaleva (katoga) and blog uborshizzza. Lebedev's blog is now the 20th (was the 6th), Radulova's blog is the 36th (was the 10th), Katoga's blog is the 38th (was the 9th), the blog uborshizzza is the 134th.

As you can see, some popular blogs have remained in the rankings, some of it left, making way for the new, but the overall trend remains the same. take a beautiful picture or photo, add interesting information, from time to time, dilute with fun videos and useful tips — and, possibly, with due diligence you will be able to reach the Pantheon of popular blogs, information and entertainment topics. Because what storms come raging would in real life online users want in the first place to relax and a positive charge .