To create a purse Webmoney is only "half the story", as always there remains the question of withdrawal of Webmoney. There are many different ways that help to transform virtual money Webmoney in real cash. How to cash Webmoney?

To cash Webmoney, you can resort to the usual exchange. For example, if anyone needs Webmoney for invoicing on the Internet (paid hosting site, make purchases, etc.), it is possible to offer such a person exchange 1 to 1. it is beneficial for both sides, because of the charge Webmoney and output Webmoney charge a commission, but in this case the Commission does not.

Unfortunately, this a simple and convenient way to cash Webmoney is not always available. among friends wanting to buy Webmoney is not, and with strangers to exchange terrible - suddenly turn out to be scammers? How to cash out Webmoney in this case?

One popular way is to withdraw Webmoney to credit card  and further withdrawal of cash in bank branches or ATMs. Depending on which bank the Webmoney will be posted to, it may be different commission size.

Bank transfer — a rather "exotic" among users Webmoney withdrawal method. Rarely used this method due to the prevailing stereotypes: many users believe that Bank transfer is very expensive, and therefore unprofitable. In fact, to cash Webmoney via Bank transfer is not more expensive than to cash Webmoney in other ways. As a rule, Russian banks allow to transfer only title units WMR, which are the equivalent of Russian rubles.

In addition, cash out Webmoney through mail order. money transfer by Western Union, CONTACT, UniStream, Migom et al. Commission in this case may be 1.5-5% of the amount. The term of the transfer will be about 2 days. Get cash for Webmoney will be available at any post office or point of the corresponding money transfer system.

At special Webmoney exchange points, you can exchange this virtual currency for real money.  Commission will be from 1% and above. Depending on the location of such exchange points, different titular signs WM: WMZ, WMR, WME, etc. can be accepted for cashing.

Whichever way cash out virtual funds Webmoney was not selected always with the utmost care to carry out operations on withdrawal of Webmoney. There are a lot of scammers who want to cash in on careless and inattentive the Webmoney owners wishing to convert their currency units, into real currency.

So, should be alerted too "generous" exchange virtual money for real. in our time no one for a simple "thank you" will not work. If cashing out Webmoney is carried out through the electronic exchange of exchange, then it is necessary to study user feedback about this exchange.

By the way, only positive feedback should cause suspicion: either the exchange hides negative reviews, or all reviews are customized — usually there is always at least a few are dissatisfied with the services of the exchange, speed of service or other parameters. In this case from the exchange where seen reviews about fraudulent activity, it is better to stay away.