We all used to use bookmarks in the browser to always have access to relevant or interesting web pages. But not always, these bookmarks are justified: if we sit on another's computer, access we have. And when you reinstall your browser or system has a chance to lose my saved bookmarks. Therefore, there is an alternative to bookmarks in the browser — social bookmarks.

Social bookmarking is the equivalent of bookmarking sites in your browser, the difference is that the saved bookmarks are not stored on the hard disk of your computer and the server on the Internet{!LANG-ca643e6b5f5bf768150592f789baf788!}

Social bookmarking is convenient because that you always have access to links to useful and interesting sites{!LANG-9c41f3f0a6cdc4c5ab2423ef9ec030e1!}

To begin to use social bookmarking, you need to register for one of the social bookmarking services{!LANG-f2f70d49751583a9e1a2377a2649ffb5!}

Many services allow users to unite in interest groups and / or add each other to friends{!LANG-5effed1812f2eaf14b19846df224bbec!}

Some services also allow you to store notes, information from websites (up to copies of pages) and upload small files. Most services support import and export bookmarks .

What social bookmarking services exist in the Internet? If you have an account on Yandex, you can use Yandex.Bookmark{!LANG-89f1c58eb757a10c532526d8a7addb0e!}

Social bookmarking offers {!LANG-a3fb5644c5896dcc7112cfce988be21e!}{!LANG-1bf828eb331bc21d59b9f79f25996183!}

Different from the previous services social bookmark Moemesto. In addition to bookmarking the website, you can store the files you upload from your hard drive or from the Internet (the volume of one file to 50 MB, with the total volume up to 500 MB, there are privacy settings), and notes. There is a import feature of the bookmarks not only from browsers but also with other services. There are buttons for browsers that allows you to quickly save a particular page as a bookmark, also have the ability to save copies to a page. Well, the already familiar features: privacy settings, tags, categories, sort, bookmarks, the ability to add members to friends and join groups.

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Social bookmarking is a kind of hybrid service for saving links to websites and social networks{!LANG-824be2babcc556b2d6cf0dc342bebe35!}