The Internet has provided us the opportunity to share different information — text, graphic, multimedia with people around the world. But the possibility of transferring information from one computer to another directly is limited: you will usually need the server-the"middleman". But if you have installed the Opera browser, you can use the extension Opera Unite to transfer information from computer to computer.

Extension Opera Unite allows users to share files on the principle of peer-to-peer network   (peer-to-peer, p2p), the same principle is based on such well-known file transfer technologies as BitTorrent, Direct Connect (DC ++), etc.

If you share files with friends through file sharing or social networking, you first upload the file to the server sharing services or social networks, and other it downloads. Extension Opera Unite allows you to do without uploading files to the server. In this case, the servers of the company Opera Software are used not as a storage location; they provide a connection for computers to transfer files.

How to use the extension Opera Unite? To start, you need the installed Opera browser version 10.10 and above. To activate this extension, click on the Opera in the upper left part of the browser window, in the opened menu, select Opera Unite > Enable Opera Unite .

Opens the settings window with brief information about the extension, to start setting up Opera Unite, click Next. You will be prompted to create an account (if you have an account on, my.opera com or you use Opera Link, create it is not necessary, just click "Already have account").

In the field enter your desired username, password (twice) and email address. In the user name, you cannot use the slash (slash), dot, space and underscore. Tick the checkbox "I agree to the terms of the agreement" and click Next. Now you need to specify the name of the computer. It will be used to assign your personal computer a personal web address in the Opera Unite service. This address will look like this:

You can choose a name from the list proposed (home, office, work, school, laptop) or enter their own. After selecting your computer name, click Finish. Tab opens Opera Unite. In the left part of the browser window sidebar will open Opera Unite. It will controls six applications for exchange of information :

  • File Sharing lets you access your files on the computer (the analog of fayloobmennika)
  • Fridge allows you to leave notes to your friends (similar to microblogging): Fridge – it refrigerator, the developers compare the app with the notes left on the refrigerator for family
  • Media Player – app for sharing music and streaming music playback (similar to the file sharing and online player)
  • Messenger – application for message exchange with other users of Opera Unite (similar to any other program for instant messaging)
  • Photo Sharing   - application for creating photo albums (analogue file sharing and photo hosting);
  • Web Server allows you to place it on your computer functioning website.

To get started, double-click it. select the folder on your computer to which you want to allow access (if needed) and check or uncheck in the advanced settings (opening or closing applications for indexing by search engines

On the home page of Opera Unite ( under apps (Applications) you can to download and install other useful applications for Opera Unite. Developers strongly recommend not to download applications from third-party sites to avoid security problems.

Of course, Opera Unite can not become a replacement for the file sharing and peer to peer networks to provide access to the data on your computer, you need to keep connected to the Internet and open the Opera browser and have sufficient bandwidth. But in some cases, extension Opera Unite can be very convenient .