1. Wrong image format


Why not load the photo to a contact: causes, solution



The pictures are not loaded Vkontakte: the solution to the problem


3. Internet connection does not allow you to upload an image


Photo VC: looking for the reason why not loaded



4. The reason the VK

Finally, you just have to wait — perhaps you have not loaded a photo of a temporary "glitch" In contact or your browser, and after a while everything goes.

Does not load photos VK: possible problems on the website


  1. In the bottom menu of the website, click "Help" and describe briefly in the appropriate field.
  2. Below the form is opened fully, it is necessary under the list of common problems, click "none of these options are not suitable".
  3. Enter the title of the issue (for example, "Cannot upload photos"), briefly describe the problem, click "Send". If desired, before sending you can attach the image (for example, if I load a photo I get an error, it is desirable to make a screenshot of the error for clarity).


VKontakte does not open or does not load photos


What to do if you do not load photos Vkontakte



Phone do not load photos in the VC and viber, reinstalled the app, cleaned the cache, synchronize the apps in the phone settings and nothing helped.