With the advent of social networks, there is no need to show photos from vacation to all friends and acquaintances in turn: just upload them to your account on a social network, and everyone can see them. But sometimes with the upload of photos and pictures there are problems, and how to get rid of them, tell the Country of Soviets.

1. Wrong image format

First, check if the photos you want to upload meet the social network requirements. The fact is that the network In the contact supports a limited number of formats (JPG, PNG, GIF), in addition, the maximum size of the uploaded photo is 5 MB. If the photos you want to upload do not meet these requirements, you need to re-save them in the desired format and / or reduce the size.

Why not load the photo to a contact: causes, solution

2. The browser does not load photos

If the image meets all the requirements, but the picture still does not load. The problem can be with your browser. Most often, a similar problem is observed in the Opera browser, especially if Opera Turbo mode is enabled. Try to disable it, if it still does not help (or if the turbo mode was initially disabled), try downloading the photo using a different browser.

The pictures are not loaded Vkontakte: the solution to the problem

By the way, an error can occur if you have an outdated version of the browser or a beta version. Upgrade your browser to a stable version and check if the images and JavaScript support are enabled in the settings. if not - switch it on. If you are using a plug-in for image caching in your browser, you need to configure it correctly or disable it altogether. To clean the browser cache - just in case - it will not hurt either.

3. Internet connection does not allow you to upload an image

It also happens that it is impossible to upload pictures because of problems with the Internet connection. The reason may, for example, be the low speed of the Internet. In this case, you will have to deal with your ISP. But before swearing with the support provider, disable torrents and other programs for downloading from the Internet - perhaps they are to blame.

Photo VC: looking for the reason why not loaded

Also, the problem with uploading a photo may occur, if you are connected to the Internet through a proxy server (including sitting in a social network through an anonymizer), a direct connection can help.

If you put any third-party programs for In a contact (for example, to save video or music), they need to be removed, and then for reliability check the computer for antivirus software - perhaps these programs blocked the download of photos.

4. The reason the VK

Finally, you just have to wait — perhaps you have not loaded a photo of a temporary "glitch" In contact or your browser, and after a while everything goes.

Does not load photos VK: possible problems on the website

If the problem does not go away by itself, you can try to contact the administration, for this:

  1. In the bottom menu of the website, click "Help" and describe briefly in the appropriate field.
  2. Below the form is opened fully, it is necessary under the list of common problems, click "none of these options are not suitable".
  3. Enter the title of the issue (for example, "Cannot upload photos"), briefly describe the problem, click "Send". If desired, before sending you can attach the image (for example, if I load a photo I get an error, it is desirable to make a screenshot of the error for clarity).

Also on some sites you can meet the advice to address in the appropriate topic in technical support Vkontakte. But at the moment this topic is closed for new complaints, because the main reason, as it turned out, was in the installed third-party applications and add-ons for the site, which we already wrote above.

VKontakte does not open or does not load photos

As you can see, photos of Vk may not be sent for several reasons, which are easy to check and eliminate. But in most cases the problem can be solved by one of the methods listed above. Just do not rush to reinstall the operating system right away - a minor error in the social network is definitely not worth it.

What to do if you do not load photos Vkontakte

I had somehow this problem, I could not upload the photo into contact, but it was all a matter of bad Internet - there was no speed at all! Then he changed the provider, and everything became good. I have not known this problem for a long time. And the friend had a problem because of the browser. I cleaned the cache with pro ccleaner and everything became normal! In general, recently I do not often use vkontakte - I prefer classmates and facebook more.

do not load the message in the message a crashed photo, in classmates for 1 second all loaded

Phone do not load photos in the VC and viber, reinstalled the app, cleaned the cache, synchronize the apps in the phone settings and nothing helped.

i do not upload photos to the contact! No error is output, just the download stops at half, and it does not load further, so you can not upload the photo to the AVA, help to solve this problem, thank you in advance!

HELP. What can I do to download a photo from the desktop in vkontakte. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Help. I do not upload photos in vkontakt, and in private messages I can not send pictures. writes when loading the data an error occurred.Check your connection to the network. What should I do?