Beautifully executed on a computer, the presentation becomes a great addition to public speaking or lectures. The presentation may contain text, graphics, auido and video information. Depending on what should be the capabilities of the presentation, you can choose a different program to create it. About how to make a presentation on the computer. read more tell the country of the Soviets.

To make the presentation on your computer, you can use the well-known to the General public program MS PowerPoint{!LANG-d0fd03c3a82a7032c08ef0034f92f963!}

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The program OpenOffice Impress to make a presentation on computer use can also the ability to add and edit text effects, slide transitions, control the timing of the slide show, operate a mouse, add sound effects, etc. To work with OpenOffice Impress there are several modes available. drawing mode, outline, notes, thesis.

If you want to make a presentation on the computer you can use different programs to create slideshows. such programs usually have many opportunities to work with graphics and visual effects. Such software is usually paid, but trial version of some popular software to create slideshow like Flash Slideshow Maker or Photo to Movie available and free.

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Regardless of some of the existing programs is the presentation on the computer it is important to remember some General rules. So the presentation was a success, there's no need to clutter the visual effects and graphics, which bears no informational value. It is also not recommended to make too many slides in your presentation, because it needs only to accompany the narration of the narrator, not replace it. With the right approach to creating presentations on the computer any programs to make a presentation on the computer{!LANG-0ec2e1a275f30cf40b22f551d4e80727!}