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A damaged sector on memory card





The damage to the memory card



  • Do not unplug the memory card during copy and move files, as this may cause damage to the sectors.
  • Do not expose the card to any physical damage (i.e., do not bend, drop, apply pressure, etc.).
  • Keep your card away from heat sources, avoid contact with surface moisture, sunlight and electrostatics. If you store a drive separate from your phone, place it in a plastic bag and store in a dry, dark place.

Incompatibility of memory card with a smartphone


The reason that the phone does not see the stick, may be they are incompatible. In this case, the smartphone just does not support the format or the amount of stick you want to use. If the card format is hard to miss, the error with the volume – is very common, as many seek to acquire the card of the highest volume, to have more space to store photos and other files. Unfortunately, not only old phones, but many modern smartphones do not support memory cards of more than 32 to 64 GB, whereas in the stores it is possible to purchase a flash drive at 128 GB. So be sure to check with the phone manual, what is the maximum size memory card it supports.









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He was faced with such a problem. Under Windows it reads micro SD, Android not.
Any types of formatting under Windows did not give results, and under the Android any devices (2 tablets and 2 phones) on a map of "the emphasis" is not seen.
Remember that one phone lenovo included was otg cable. Micro SD inserted into a USB adapter, and a set – in otg cable. All perfectly othermaterials, appeared on the map all required system daddy and the map and saw tablets, and phones.