Why can not I see my memory card?

Most modern smartphones have very small built-in memory and when they are purchased it is meant to be expanded by special memory cards. This is very convenient, since you can purchase a card of any required volume. But what if the phone does not see the USB flash drive? Restore access to files will help our instructions.

Departed contact

Why can not I see my memory card? If you are faced with this unpleasant situation, do not just throw out the flash drive and buy a new one or go to the nearest service center. First, try to simply pull the card out of the port and insert it back. If the problem was that the contact has left, this simple manipulation will correct the situation, saving you both time and money.

A damaged sector on memory card

If the first advice did not help you, you still should not panic. It is possible to repair the memory card on its own, if there is a damage to the sector. To verify this, insert the card into the card reader. If he recognized it, then you can try to "cure" it.

To do this, go to My Computer and find there a memory card. Right-click on it and open Properties. Next, you need to select the Tools tab in the properties window and find the section "Checking the disk for errors" there. Validate by selecting "Scan and repair damaged sectors".

After the check is complete, remove the card from the card reader and insert it into the phone to check if it will see it now.

If this method does not help, you can resort to extreme measures and format your card. If the card reader recognizes it, save the copies of all the files you need to the computer in advance, as all the data on it will be destroyed when the card is formatted. It is likely that after this you will have to reformat the card directly in the phone.

The damage to the memory card

If the above methods have not yielded results, you will have to seek competent help from a service center where professionals can accurately determine why the phone does not see the USB flash drive and will find a way to solve this problem. If the problem is in the failure of the card itself, then you will most likely simply be offered to purchase a new one, since repairing the memory card in most cases is either very difficult, or simply unprofitable for its owner in terms of cost.

In the future, you can avoid the recurrence of this problem if you observe several simple rules for the use of memory cards:

  • Do not unplug the memory card during copy and move files, as this may cause damage to the sectors.
  • Do not expose the card to any physical damage (i.e., do not bend, drop, apply pressure, etc.).
  • Keep your card away from heat sources, avoid contact with surface moisture, sunlight and electrostatics. If you store a drive separate from your phone, place it in a plastic bag and store in a dry, dark place.

Incompatibility of memory card with a smartphone

The phone does not see the USB flash drive

The reason that the phone does not see the stick, may be they are incompatible. In this case, the smartphone just does not support the format or the amount of stick you want to use. If the card format is hard to miss, the error with the volume – is very common, as many seek to acquire the card of the highest volume, to have more space to store photos and other files. Unfortunately, not only old phones, but many modern smartphones do not support memory cards of more than 32 to 64 GB, whereas in the stores it is possible to purchase a flash drive at 128 GB. So be sure to check with the phone manual, what is the maximum size memory card it supports.

Memory cards of the same format are produced by different manufacturers, and not every company has these cards fully comply with the standard. This leads to compatibility problems. For example, some Nokia phones do not work with Apacer memory cards.

It is very important to purchase memory cards from manufacturers who are trustworthy. For example, Sony has developed a MemoryStick format, and only the cards of this format produced by it are 100% compliant with the standard.

When buying microSD cards, which are used in many modern smartphones, it is better to choose a manufacturer whose name is on hearing. Among the developers of SD and MicroSD formats is SanDisk, so its products are exactly in line with the standard.

If your phone does not see a USB flash drive, do not be upset. It is possible that there are no serious problems with either the card or the phone, and you will quickly solve this problem. If the memory card is still out of order, and you have to buy a new one for replacement, pay great attention to choosing a quality card from a well-known manufacturer that will fit the volume and format of your phone.

The phone, like the card for 2 and a half years to now, was all right, but suddenly the phone began to recognize the card as an unidentified file, ie under a "?" Such a sign. Scanning for viruses, formatting, doing as in the article, no errors detected, and the phone does not recognize, the computer sees, via USB, too, sees. At the entrance to the gallery, when the card starts to hang, Ie writes "the gallery opens" and nothing, the map pulls out everything quickly, the problem I can not understand, the servaks in our settlement alas net.Podskazhite what to do, can anyone stalk was going ??

i personally only helped fotik, shoved the card (microSD in the adapter), and he himself proposed to format, and. voila)

Hello, I have a phone android THL V9. It has two SD cards, one system card is embedded in the device itself and the other is an external plug-in. But here a problem arose, the phone stopped seeing these cards after a series of manipulations with the device, how to get everything back to normal, and I did not make backups, which is very PLEASE PRESS WHAT YOU CAN DO IN MY SITUATION

Do not convey in words how grateful I am to you for your site and for advice on it. Both the phone and the card are working again. And the money was left intact, without unnecessary repairs. Thank you very much for creating this site and for real help! Prosperity and success for all of you who work on this site. Thank you.

Bullshit, not the article. Time spent in vain.

And I did it right, I did everything as it is written: (The disk properties window will open: you need to go to the Tools tab and find there the section "Checking the disk for errors." Click the Check button. restore damaged sectors "and click Start, then insert the card into the phone and check if it sees it.) And he saw. May all have different reasons.

He was faced with such a problem. Under Windows it reads micro SD, Android not.
Any types of formatting under Windows did not give results, and under the Android any devices (2 tablets and 2 phones) on a map of "the emphasis" is not seen.
Remember that one phone lenovo included was otg cable. Micro SD inserted into a USB adapter, and a set – in otg cable. All perfectly othermaterials, appeared on the map all required system daddy and the map and saw tablets, and phones.
So I recommend the cable otg - it works.

i have a phone nokia 5300 he does not see not one flash card, although others see what to do ??