Sometimes computer users encounter situations in which you might want to edit the registry. However, if you accidentally delete some necessary key, it can cause failures in the system. So just in case you need registry backup. from which you can restore the system registry intact.

Manual editing of the registry may need{!LANG-d8feae4df3503edcb3a57a4420db361a!}

However, if you do not understand what registry and how it works, you could accidentally edit or delete the wrong thing. As a result of system malfunctions occur and conflicts that are hard to fix — in some cases, have even completely reinstalled the operating system. To avoid this, you will help registry backup{!LANG-201ba4b3f8ab81e36b50c50e80079588!}

So how is a copy of the registry? It's very simple. First you need to launch the registry editor{!LANG-5a890e394bae16d9e9bf934c5d1ee2dd!}

In the top menu select "File" and from the opened submenu select "Export". A window will open export registry file. You need to select the folder in which you saved the copy of the registry (by default the folder "My documents"). Make sure that the local disk where you will save the copy of the registry enough space{!LANG-0dc3992f70583998f5d1237d30b99a43!}

In the line "file Name" enter the name of the copy (if you keep several backup copies of the registry, the better the title to mention the date on which was made the copy of registry, so as not to confuse). And in the "export Range" select "Whole registry". Then click "Save".

Create a copy of the registry may take some time{!LANG-8d8ef5ad4575a38415f9e73538a60e27!}

How to restore the registry from a saved backup?{!LANG-8793066fda072fc5502b17c4e714b061!}

The second method is slightly more complicated. You need to go to the registry editor, select the top menu item "File" and then instead of selecting "Export" select "Import". Window opens the import registry file, locate the folder where you saved the copy of the registry, click on the registry file with the left mouse button and click "Open". Import information from the registry file will take some time .

During a restore registry from the backup it is advisable to close all open programs{!LANG-97d15b9812bfb30a243867afe71f14f0!}

Before you manually make any changes to the registry or put unknown program, you need to make a backup of the registry. A copy of the register{!LANG-ac45e5ba3267c26a9bac3dbc459a508e!}