The Internet at times seems endless, but it's clear that this is not so: the number of sites on the Internet is limited by the capacity of the servers on which these websites reside, and because it certainly is, although very large. Is it possible to calculate how many sites on the Internet.

The British company Netcraft{!LANG-f30235c687000506d65dd4bf79597075!}

According to the results of a study conducted in may 2012, specialists Netcraft received responses from 662 959 946 websites and blogs{!LANG-330637f3e086fdb248a4c225daad0e6a!}

The reason for this decline is the removal of more than 28 million host names in the TLD .the info that was posted on the SoftLayer servers (only one hundred and four domains, IP addresses). Despite this, over the past month, the network appeared 1.2 million new domains .

The total number of sites and domain names August 1995 — may 2012

{!LANG-b33a64cf7cea4d664f48a109396616eb!}usage statistics software web servers{!LANG-2add9b0016612c98c77cacdd929bb70b!}

Thus, the market share the web server with nginx{!LANG-5417bc9e47a6bd7aa9ce9a78d859dd71!}

But the share the Apache web server{!LANG-3d20a3fc044d8f5a192dad84f0e42e0d!}

They also found that 654 host as the web server use Microsoft-IIS/8.0{!LANG-c33ccc8b4c9e39441a24dcd9af8f80d6!}

The market share of web servers, August 1995 — may 2012

As you can see, it is difficult to say exactly how many sites on the Internet: their number is constantly changing{!LANG-020933c4d7b82561240cac508452a178!}

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