To use the virtual disks used by many PC users. Reasons to use virtual disks can be a lot, so to list them all just does not make sense. And the question now is completely different: how to create a virtual disk.

Before to tell you more about creating virtual disks, note that under the same name hides a little. Some users want to create a virtual drive, the other virtual hard disk. Their purpose, of course, is different. Therefore, they are created in different ways.

How to create a virtual drive: virtual drive

Very often in the web you can download a disk image. for example, some kind of game. Of course, downloading is only half the battle. Now the toy has yet to be launched. Here, all have two ways: to burn the image to a DVD-ROM, or use a virtual disk. With the help of the latter, the game will start as from a disk. In this case, it will always be stored on the computer. Agree that it is very convenient.

To create a virtual drive very easily, but this requires some program. At the moment there are so many different free programs. The most popular among them was Daemon Tools.

Daemon Tools   Is a free CD / DVD emulator that supports many security systems. With the help of CD / DVD Daemon Tools, you can emulate both normal drives and disks with protection like Laserlock, Securom, BACKUPcopies. If you are only aiming to create a couple of virtual drives from which you will run different disks, then this program will be very convenient for you.

Another very popular program for creating a virtual drive isAlcohol 120%. But it is worth considering that this program paid. Of course, to evaluate all of the features the developers give use the program for free for a certain period. Then, of course, you should purchase a license. The main difference between Alcohol 120% Daemon Tools functionality. Alcohol 120% enables you to create and use up to 31 of the image at the same time. This provides much greater data transfer speed than with a conventional drive. Also Alcohol 120% is good because it can create disk images myself, but Daemon uses only existing.

How to create virtual disk: a virtual hard disk

The virtual hard disk may be useful to you if you want to store data in a single file image. To open such an image file, you need visualization programs and virtual machines. Well, that in Windows 7 has everything you need to create such a disk! And a virtual hard disk can be used to put another OS on it.

So, how do I create a virtual hard disk for Windows 7? It will not take you very long to create a virtual disk.For a start, in the search box of the start menu, type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter. Before you open the "Disk Management" window. In the "Action" menu, select the "Create virtual hard disk" option.

Now you you should choose a location where you will store your virtual hard disk ("Review"). After selecting the locations click the Save button. You also need to set the capacity of the virtual disk. Everything here will be at your discretion. But don't forget that you can also assign the virtual hard disk format. Dynamic extension gives you the ability to increase the capacity of the virtual disk as you add and save the data it contains. But a Fixed size will not allow you to increase the disk capacity. Click OK and now you just have to wait until Windows itself will create a virtual disk. It will be automatically installed, so immediately after you create it, you will see it in the list of all drives that are installed in the system.

But that's not all. To start using the drive, you must initialize it and create on it section. To initialize the disk, open Control Panel -\u003e Administrative Tools -\u003e Computer Management. In the left menu of the console, click Disk Management. Select the disk that you want to initialize. In the Initialize disks window that opens, select the drive, also select the Master Boot Record (MBR) and click OK. Now wait until the end of the initialization.

So you can see your disk and use it after the initialization is complete, you will need to create a volume   (section). Right-click on the initialized disk and select "Create a simple volume". Before you open the Create a simple volume wizard. Click Next and specify the partition size in megabytes. The next step is to assign a drive letter. Click Next and select the formatting options for the volume (NTFS recommended). In the next wizard window, check all the settings you made and click Finish. Now your virtual hard drive is ready for use.