Free cartographic services available online make life much easier for travelers and more. Of course, the developers are trying to constantly improve them. So, Google maps (Google Maps) will be available in 3D mode. What will beGoogle Maps in 3D.

Service Google Street View  (Street View) in some way "set the stage" for launching Google Maps in 3D. The function Google Street View allows you to view the panorama of the streets of many cities around the world from a height of about 2.5 meters and "wander" through a three-dimensional projection of city streets.

In this mode you can see the most famous places in the world. Among them, for example, the Amazonian jungle, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the White House in Washington, the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, the historical narrow-gauge railway in the Alps. There are also streets of many cities, including Russian ones. butto view the available usually not the whole town. and some of its streets.

Google Maps in 3D is designed to fix this - by switching Google maps to 3D format in 3D mode, you can see not only individual city streets, but the cities themselves as a whole. In this way,google maps will become more realistic. The technology of three-dimensional image maps was demonstrated by the company at a press conference in San Francisco on June 6, 2012.

The three-dimensional effect will be achieved due to aerial photography of settlements from different angles with the help of "specially trained" aircraft. After the procedure for comparing and processing these aerial photographs,a complete three-dimensional model of cities - both buildings and terrain. To see objects will be possible from all sides, a virtual "stroll" through the city — more precisely, over the city (the users will be available to view from above at an angle of 45 degrees).

Now Google Maps in 3D offerthree-dimensional models of the major cities of America, Europe and Asia. According to the promises of Google, at the end of 2012 the three-dimensional models in the Google Maps service will be for all more or less large cities in the world, whose population is more than three hundred million people in general (although the specific cities and regions that will be available in 3D mode, while not called).

Representatives from Google claim that their main goal when creating three-dimensional service in Google maps is to provide all users with Google Maps the ability to see the world from a bird's eye view. Probably, each of us at least once in my life dreamed of flying above the city streets, and Google Maps in 3D will make it possible to fulfill this eternal dream - at least virtually.

Another innovation from Google Street View Trekker. A special camera-backpack will shoot with a 360-degree viewing angle, so in Street View mode you can see even those regions that can not be reached by transport. The Street View Trekker camera will be worn behind a pedestrian, able to pass into hard-to-reach places for motorists and cyclists.

In Google, they plan to take pictures of, for example, a number of National Parks in the United States, the Grand Canyon and several ski resorts. The main thing is to think out how to minimize the influence of vibration when moving a person to get better images.

Also, Google has promised to introduce offline mode for Android devices. Now owners of gadgets running on the Google Android operating system will be able to use Google maps in places where there is no Internet access, and to save on Internet traffic. Of course, you will need to download these cards in advance on your gadget.

The service will be available in more than 100 countries around the world. Now this service is still under testing, but with timeoffline mode will be available for all users. Please note that in offline browsing, Google Street View will not be available.