How to know IP address of another computer And why you need it? Someone wrote nasty, so you decided to track? Then go ahead, young detective. But first, you need to read on how to learn a foreign IP. It is a simple matter, just keep in mind that the one for whom you spy, can do the same operation with you.

First, a little instructive interesting. IP address  Is the network address of the node in the computer network, which was built using the Internet Protocol Address (IP) protocol. If this node has a connection to the Internet, then it needs a unique address, which will be the only one of its kind throughout the global network. If the node works only on the local network, then it requires a unique address for this network, and for the global one it is not relevant.

The statement that follows will help you to know IP address of another computer. This uses a very simple social engineering tricks and web resource Your task is to get a computer that will be equipped with an Internet connection (you already have it exactly), and create an account in any social network, even an instant messaging service.

Next, read the step by step instructions, where everything is painted in detail, so you'll be able to find someone else's IP. This program is called sniffer .

Successfully visit the site On the main page there is a field in which you need to enter any URL, for example, the address search engine. Next, click "Generate IPLOGGER link ».

You will see a link that also need to be sent to a person whose IP address you want to know. Most importantly, this person clicked on the link because that's the only way the system will be able to give numbers that will be its own address in the network. Sending a message, write something. The text should provoke the user to click on the reference. If the victim is threateningly demanding an explanation for what you did, just say that this letter was not intended for him. But still most of the people simply follow curiosity through the link, trying to find out what is hidden there.

Wait a bit, as the "victim" may not be in the network. Once you decide to view the IP address, then click on the "Viewing statistics ". If the person you sent a message with a link, clicked on it, it will appear in the list its IP. If he has not had time to read your message, the page must be periodically refreshed by pressing the F5 key on the keyboard.

If you are a regular visitor of chat rooms, then it's enough to drop the link-sniffer into the chat, writing the accompanying "sweet" text. The desired user will not be able to resist not clicking on the link. You can also put this link on your page, attributing that it is your personal site.

To help you come an email agent, for example,MS Outlook or The Bat. who is happy to help you learn someone else's IP. To do this, you need to receive a letter by this mail agent. Next, review the code of the letter: open the letter itself, click the "File" - "Properties" - "Details" button. The header of the email will be added at the top, which will contain IP-addresses. The bottom one is the one you longed to learn.

You will also appreciate ICQ. with the help of which you can learn a foreign IP. To do this you need the patch. For the version of ICQ 2001b is required Build 3659. and for ICQ 2002a Beta Build 3722. These same patches are added in the window properties window, where the IP address will be displayed. A simpler action is installing a program called netstat.exe, which you need to run with ICQ. Then the information about aypishki to you is for life provided.