TopFace is a popular app on the social network Facebook, which allows you to rate photos of other users to meet and communicate. Many gladly use it, but what to do if you set your lock screen and then the app you tired? How to delete TopFace in Facebook?

For starters — a little more about what is the TopFace. After installing it, you can find people on Facebook according to certain criteria (gender, age, place of residence) and evaluate their photos. If you like a user, you can send a message, present a gift - and the outcome of the dating depends only on you.

Quite an interesting application if you installed it knowingly and actively use it. But it may happen that you get tired, and notification of new assessments and the messages will keep coming. Or you are so they are addicted that at one point will realize that it is time to quit. Or maybe you just installed the app, sent to friends by clicking on the link to see what it is, and you do not like. In all these cases it is useful to know how to delete TopFace .

So, to remove TopFace, log in to Facebook and click on the arrow in the upper right corner of your page in Facebook (it is near the word "Home"). Unfold a menu with several items, which you will need to select the option "Account settings" .

This opens the settings page. Menu this page is leftApps. On the right side of the page, you will see a list of applications you have installed (applications that have access to your profile on the Facebook social network).

Locate app TopFace and click on the labels Edit (not need to click on the app name, as it is a link, clicking on which will take you directly to the app).

If you are just tired of the notification sent by TopFace, but completely delete the application you do not intend, in the drop-down menu Notifications select "Never".

If you don't want your friends to see your posts the application on your Timeline Facebook on your behalf, please note per line "Posts on Your behalf". There, in the drop-down menu, you can choose who will have access to these messages: all users, friends, individual groups of friends, only you.

But if you want to permanently delete TopFace, all these settings you certainly don't need. You just need click on the link "Delete app" in the upper right corner. A window opens to confirm the removal press the Delete button (optionally, tick the phrase "to Remove all actions of the application").

All app deleted. Now your lock screen will no longer have access to your personal information and photos, you will receive the notification. However, your messages and ratings remain in the app database. so if you decide to install it again, then, by going into the application, you will see that everything is the same as it was, until you deleted TopFace.

Actually, that's all manual. As you can see, to get rid of the TopFace application, if it bothers you, very simple. If you installed the application by accident, by clicking on the link left on your wall by one of the users, in the future, just pay close attention to such reports and be sure to read the text in pop-up Windows before you allow a particular application access to your personal information in Facebook.