The Internet is growing rapidly, the width of the channel users is getting wider, and it means that the network they come not only for textual information and pictures, but also to listen to music and watch videos. Why online radio stations are becoming more popular. How to create an Internet radio?

Many believe that to create the Internet radio is very difficult, as to create it will need a powerful and expensive server. This is partly true — if you want to create a commercial online radio to a wider audience. However, if your goal is "chamber" radio for a narrow circle of listeners. you can avoid serious waste.

To create an Internet radio, you will need a fairly powerful computer (without the "fancy" servers can be dispensed with, but the "typewriter" will be enough), wide bandwidth and special software. There are different programs that allow you to create a Internet radio, we will talk about creating an online radio station for free Shoutcast FOR example .

The Foundation of your radio station will become popular audio player Winamp, also you need to download from the website two programs — SHOUTcast Server and SHOUTcast Plug-in. To get started, install and configure the server. Running the installer, select the server, then browse to the directory into which you installed the program, and any text editor open the file sc_serv.ini.

Full list of server settings can be found on the website talk about the main settings. You should introduce three basic parameters :

  • PortBase: the port on which to listen (default port 8000, it is better not to change if you have it free)
  • MaxUser: the maximum number of users who can simultaneously listen to the radio
  • Password: the password for remote administration of the server, suggest you to choose a combination more difficult.

Now install SHOUTcast Plug-in and run Winamp. Go to options of the player, locate the DSP/Effect, then Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP. Click Configure active plug-in. In the opened settings window click on the Output tab and activate the option Connect at Startup and Automatic Reconnection on Connection Failure.

Next, complete the following fields:

  • Address – IP address of the computer on which the server is installed (if the server is on the same computer, enter or Localhost)
  • Port – the port (from server settings)
  • Password – password (taken from the server settings).

All other settings leave default go to the tab Encoder. There is a type of audio codec, audio bitrate, and broadcast mode (mono or stereo). You can save up to five groups of settings and switch between groups depending on bandwidth and number of listeners.

In tab Input is configured that will be transmitted in the air: music or music and voice. To transfer only music in the drop-down list you select Winamp to transfer music and voice — Soundcard Input. To Soundcard Input the following options are available:

  • Open Mixer – opens the system mixer
  • Push to Talk – enables the ability to simultaneously broadcast music and voice from microphone to "sticky" this options activates the Lock button
  • Music Level – music volume
  • BG Music Level – the background music volume when the microphone
  • Mic Level – microphone volume
  • Fade Time – the fade time (change in volume when activated and deactivated modes Push to Talk).

After configuring the plugin, start the server, in Winamp, go to Output tab and click Connect. To check, have you managed to create Internet radio, type in the address bar the following address :

If a page SHOUTcast servers with the history of tracks and the current status of the server, all you have left. To listen to the radio click on the Listen link or add a player address  [http: //. /listen.pls].

Note that if you want to give friends a link to listen on your radio, as the server address you need to use the IP address of your computer on the Internet  (or on the local network, if your listeners are on the same network with you), by IP address Localhost / they will not enter the page of the radio station!

If you want to,to create your radio was available not only to selected users, but anyone on the web. you have to press the Yellowpages button on the Output tab. If you activate the option Make this server public, on the main page there is information about your station. But that in settings Yellowpages need to enter station details, genre of music, contact information of the DJ.

There is also a possibility to create an Internet radio using online radio control. for example,,, You create an account on the website and you will excrete a certain amount of disk space on the server and channel of a certain width. You can download and stream your favorite music, as well as to live broadcasts from your computer.

As you can see, create Internet radio is not too difficult. A little patience - and you can try yourself in the role of radio DJ.