If you bought a kitten directly from the owner of the Mama cat (breeder), through the club or in the poultry market, you'll know the exact date of his birth (although about the bird market an absolute guarantee to give difficult). But if you picked up a stray kitten, determining its age can be a problem. How to determine the age of a kitten?

The best way to determine the age of the kitten is to take him to the vet. By the way, a visit with a found to a veterinarian is needed not only to determine the age and sex of your new pet. A street kitten may have some diseases that are important to identify and cure as early as possible. But even if the kitten is completely healthy, the veterinarian will give advice on caring for him and make a schedule of vaccinations.

However, what if an immediate visit to the veterinarian for any reason impossible? There are several ways to determine the age of the kitten yourself. Note that the size and weight of a kitten is not a reliable criterion for determining the age of a kitten. already at birth, kittens can be small or large, in addition, the growth rate of the kitten depends on how well it was fed by the mother.

If the kitten is less than six months, its age can be determined by appearance and activity. So, at the age of up to three days the kitten still has an umbilical cord. At the age of seven to ten days, the kittens begin to open their eyes and open their ears. At the age of two or three weeks, the kitten is completely open eyes, and the ears are fully raised, like an adult cat. Also, the kitten begins to stand, although it does it uncertainly. In four weeks the kitten becomes more active, he begins to explore the surrounding world and play. At the age of five weeks the kittens are already confidently standing on their feet.

Else to determine the approximate age of a kitten by the color of his eyes. All kittens, regardless of breed, are born with blue eyes. At the age of three weeks in the body of a kitten begins to produce melanin that causes the pigmentation change. Usually 2.5 months eye kitten get their "adult" color. So if the kitten has blue eyes, he is younger than ten weeks.

However this is not the best way to determine the age of a kitten. First, he has very low accuracy, and every week or even a day matters in the care of a kitten. Secondly, this method is not suitable if you are dealing with a breed that provides for the presence of blue eyes, because in this case there will be no change in pigmentation.

The most accurate age of a kitten can be identified by the teeth. In two or four weeks, the kitten has the first milk teeth - incisors. Fangs erupt in the third or fourth week. In a month and a half there are premolars (small molars located behind the fangs). By the two months of the kitten all dairy teeth should be present, and at four months they begin to give way to permanent ones. By the half-year the process of changing teeth ends.

By the way, teeth you can find out the age and adult cats. Only in this case you need to look at how the teeth wear out. One and a half years erased the Central incisors of the lower jaw, the two half — middle incisors of the lower jaw three and a half — the Central incisors of the upper jaw, to four and a half — middle incisors of the upper jaw. In five years, there are traces of Erasure on the teeth, to six years are erased extreme maxillary incisors.

At the age of seven, changes in the cross-oval rubbing surface of the central incisors of the lower jaw begin, at the age of eight - middle incisors of the lower jaw, at nine years - the central incisors of the upper jaw. In 10-12 years, the central incisors fall, by 12-15 years all the incisors fall out.

Note that all methods of self-determination of the age of the kitten is extremely unreliable. It is best to contact the veterinarian; to know the exact age of the kitten is very important, since it will depend on the care of your pet, in particular, the diet of its nutrition.