Today YouTube is the most popular Internet service that provides video hosting services. This service allows you to upload videos, leave comments and even embed the video in the credits. In this article we will tell you how to upload videos on YouTube.

First and foremost is to say that in this video you can find a huge number of Amateur videos. professional videos and short films. Among the main advantages of the service can be noted the generation of HTML-code. which makes it possible to embed videos on their sites, blogs, and also just on social networks. This and a huge number of other opportunities in early 2012 made the site of the resource third in the world by the number of visitors (4 billion visits per day).

To put the video on YouTube you must have your own account on the site service or to be registered on Google. Today, new users are registered only with the help of Google. This procedure is quite simple: you must specify your name, surname, gender and age. You will also need to come up with a password and enter your mobile phone number to service the message with a secret confirmation code.

After complete all the necessary forms, you will receive a text message with the code to confirm. Enter it on the page that appears. Now you have an account on Google, which opens the possibility to use various services, one of which is YouTube.

Further, in order to put the video on YouTube, just go to YouTube and login button "Enter". located in the upper right corner of the page. Then enter the username and password. The main page will load the website YouTube. In its upper part is the search string, and the right is a menu item "Add video"button.

Click on it to open a page to load. Here is an opportunity to upload a video from your computer, and record it with the webcam. Click on the button "Select files from computer". Find the desired video file on your hard drive or flash-drive and press "Open" .

After thatthe download process begins. what will signal the appearance of the status indicator. While the video is loaded, you can give it a name, write the tags to specify locations in the electronic map, and choose a category. After the video is fully loaded, special the H. 264 codec. mounted on the service will be engaged in compression of the sent video and convert it to MP4 format. Now you need to choose a picture that will act as a preview, and don't forget to save all changes.

It is worth noting that new users are able to download videos whose duration is less than 15 minutes. However, users with higher ranks can upload videos of longer duration. For example, in December 2011, one user uploaded to YouTube a video, the duration of which was 596 hours 31 minutes and 21 seconds. however, it was immediately deleted.

As you can see, putting videos on YouTube is pretty simple. You only need to have a personal account on this service. Also on the site you can subscribe to the channels of other users. Today on this resource there are quite a lot of video blogs, music videos, video lessons and Internet shows. Still quite often YouTube is used for live broadcasts from sports competitions or concerts.