On laptop 2 video, how to switch between them Quite often you can find mobile computers, equipped with a pair of adapters. However, they do not work together and one. In this article we will tell you how to switch graphics card on a laptop and when you need it.

First of all you need to tell what the manufacturers equip their products with two video cards. This is done in order to achieve the ideal ratio of work time of laptop battery and its performance. For example, connecting a laptop to an electrical network, you can use a powerful graphics card, which makes it possible to play your favorite games or work with video. If you turn on the laptop in offline mode, then to extend the battery life, you must activate a weaker video adapter. In a demanding game with him you can not play, but you can work with office programs for a long time, look for information on the Internet or just watch movies.

To switch the graphics card of the laptop you will need specialized software. be sure to install the drivers of both video adapters. It will be necessary to go to the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop and download the necessary software, corresponding to the model. However, on the site of the notebook manufacturer, you will only find drivers for the integrated graphics card. The second video adapter will require the installation of software downloaded from the official website of its own manufacturer.

After installing all drivers is a must restart the laptop. If you have Intel and Nvidia. switching graphics cards will always happen automatically. If your laptop uses AMD Radeon. you should open the application AMD Control Center. which is usually installed with the device drivers.

In this program, you needgo to the utility Power Express. You will see a menu with two items: "High performance GPU" and "Low energy consumption". Accordingly, the first paragraph will include a more powerful graphics card, and the second will make active integrated video card.

In addition, you can disable one of the graphics cards. to no longer need switch. For this go into the BIOS. restart the laptop and during the release of information about your motherboard, press "F2". Next, you go to the tab Advanced Setup (Options). Then in the settings menu find option adapters and install for unnecessary graphics option "Disable" .

At this stage you should be very careful. If immediately after changing the setting, it completely lost the image on the display, press the power button of the laptop for turning off the device. Thus the modified settings will not be saved. and a laptop can be used again. The lack of image says that the motherboard model of your device does not provide complete disabling one of the video cards. In this case have to take software switching graphics cards .

As you can see, to switch graphics card on a laptop is quite simple. It is only necessary to install special software. which can be easily found on the world wide web. I hope in this article tips will help you to use efficiently the battery life of your device.

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