Files with the doc extension are documents created with Microsoft Word. However, sometimes there are situations when this program is not on the computer. In this article we will tell you how to open doc file.

First we need to talk about the program {!LANG-d241ed446445a725f6362568f61cc6c3!}{!LANG-98f416da0ff6fbf37c4dee911dd5353c!}

Open the doc file using free software Writer{!LANG-38e90f8bc3987bab3162419a12ff73f0!}

After installing the application Writer launch it. The screen will display a dialog that will offer to do one of several actions. We will be interested in the button of open new document, next to which is written "Open a document"{!LANG-70a2aff5bd55d744ec1565b0dd6a4011!}

It should be noted that since may 2012 the app is called Apache OpenOffice .

Another free word processor is LibreOffice Writer. This editor became an offshoot of the development Writer. Both software package are cross-platform applications{!LANG-6c6c5943b8e3797934c5af51ee1ca31d!}

Also open the doc file you can use the program built into the Windows operating system. It's called WordPad. This is a text editor, of course, falls short in functionality to Microsoft Word, but it is possible to change the font and font color, and text alignment. To work with the formats doc and docx can only be a version of WordPad for Windows 7.

To open the doc file, you can also use online services. However, you'll need to your computer was connected and the Internet. Services of this kind can be found at and Both services require authorization, so before starting work please complete the registration process.

If you have no need to edit the doc file and just open it to read a particular text information, you can simply download and install the free program Word Viewer{!LANG-412221e8a465c9c958a6a3436a4d20fe!}

As you can see, to open a doc file simply. In addition, for this {!LANG-4883db6e6e608def0577fcc01be5769f!}{!LANG-5e4b6b7311bab02f427c9b702ab1e8d4!}