Cat breed Russian blue is in our days one of the most popular in home maintenance, so many, going to get a cat in the house, I draw their attention to this breed. What are the features of Russian blue cats? How to properly care for them? This will tell you the country of the Soviets.

Russian blue is a cat breed recognized by the international feline organizations and widespread in Europe (Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.), in the United States and, of course, in Russia. The history of the breed{!LANG-8461520041cdbb2a7e5d53d7a985201f!}

Russian blue cats is quiet nature{!LANG-138f6da98f8dfe2e92ee0e33fffd5460!}

Among the owners of Russian blue cats usually choose one or two people{!LANG-79cf2d7f83ffbb4b3ae7024fb9038213!}

The appearance of Russian blue cats is very attractive. the body of their long and graceful, delicate paws, the head is wedge-shaped, the ears are large, pointed. Eyes these cats have almond shaped, widely set and have a beautiful, dark green color. The main feature of cats of breed the Russian blue is, of course, their wool, very soft and silky to the touch, painted in blue color with silver shimmer. The coat of Russian blue cats is not very long, dense and springy.

For all its beauty plusiinae "coat" Russian blue cats do not need any special care: beauty themselves unable to maintain it in perfect purity. But still periodically brush the pet brush with natural bristles{!LANG-3424aa6147129d908f5629ff615dd182!}

When the content in the home, Russian blue cat special attention should be paid to clean her tray. If the tray is not clean, the cat will not think it shameful to use as toilet any other suitable, in her opinion, the place. So the tray is best to use a filler with good absorbing properties and do not forget to regularly change it.

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Russian blue cats{!LANG-45430d2e2ca629f771f53a8d22dffa82!}