Ideally, at the age of one month kitten still needs to eat mother's milk. But it often happens that the kittens are taken away too early from the mother and given to new owners. If you house got month old kitten, it is very important to choose the correct diet. What to feed a month old kitten?

It is considered that cats love milk. In fact, however, the usual cow's milk that we buy in the store is too heavy food even for adult cats, what can we say about the baby, who just turned a month. It is best to feed kitten monthly special dry milk formula for kittens. which can be purchased at a pet store along with a bottle for feeding.

Why is it important to give a kitten a special cat milk replacer, not cow's milk? First, cow's milk does not contain sufficient amounts of all nutrients. which are necessary for the normal development of the kitten. Secondly, in cow's milk is too high for the kitten content of milk sugar, which leads to a weakening of immunity and impaired digestion.

To four months the kitten needs to be fed every three to four hours   (five to six meals a day). Milk mixture, which you give the kitten, should be fresh and slightly warmed. It is very important to determine the correct amount of a serving: you can not overfeed a kitten, but he should not remain hungry. Gradually you need to wean the kitten from the bottle: it must learn to lap yourself.

About a quarter of an hour after a meal should soft careful movements to massage tummy the kitten. The fact that the mother cat after eating lick the tummies of kittens, this massage helps them to empty the bladder and intestines. In the absence of the mother, you will have to do massage - but, naturally, not with the tongue, but with the pads of the fingers.

However, one formula feed a month old kitten is not worth it. From the age of about five to six weeks time to gradually accustom the kittens to solid food. to two months they have completely switched to a new diet (pet food for cats or natural food).

If you intend to feed kitten food to feed it you need to start special canned food for kittens. If the kitten refuses to eat them, you can add a little water to the cans and mix thoroughly so that they become more liquid. Remember that canned food should have room temperature.

Gradually you can stop breed canned water. If you intend to feed your pet dry food, at first, a special dry food for kittens will need to soak. Gradually, soak the food less and less, so that in the end the kitten begins to gnaw dry food on its own.

Natural kitten food can be fed with grated boiled meat (beef, chicken). You can also give baby meat purees without salt (not pork). You should never give your kitty the ready-made stuffing, it is ingested and can cause diarrhea. Helpful for kitty will and low-fat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, sour cream, yogurt). To cheese you can add raw egg yolk and a little milk (minimum fat content, preferably goat). Of course, any food from your table to give the kitten not .

New products introduced into the diet of a kitten gradually, in small quantities (1-2 tsp) and one at a time. Carefully watch the reaction of the kitten: if there are no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, you can gradually increase the dose and to introduce a new product. You can't mix new foods with each other   ; any new product can be entered only the day after the previous one.

So, to your little pet healthy, it is very important to feed kitten monthly, adhering to the above-described recommendations. And if possible, it is better not to separate the kitten from his mother prematurely. At this age, there is no better food for him than mother's milk.